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The Next Web
Mentimeter is the 1st fastest growing startup in Sweden
April 12th 2018

Point Nine Capital
Mentimeter top Productivity & Collaboration software in Nordics
Sep 30th 2016

The Next Web
Mentimeter is the 7th fastest growing startup in Sweden
May 4th 2016

Mentimeter places in the top 20 of 500 Startups Batch 16 Startups
May 13th 2016

Silicon Valley Business Journal
Mentimeter is on the list of the 10 hottest companies from latest 500 Startups Demo Day
May 16th 2016

500 Startups Announces Batch 16
Jan 27th 2016

Swedish Di Digital
Mentimeter accepted into 500 Startups in San Francisco

4 ways to leverage phones, tablets, and laptops
Sept 10 2015

Swedish Breakit
Google's big flop - a Jackpot for Mentimeter
Apr 10 2015

Engage your audience beyond "Raise your hand if..."
Apr 2 2015

How Imperial College Gets Value from Using Mentimeter
Mar 10 2015

Swedish Dagens Nyheter
She wants to put a stop to boring business meetings
Feb 23 2015

Swedish Veckans Affärer
The super talent that hacks to achieve growth
March 16 2015

Swedish Svenska Dagbladet
Mentimeter wants to measure gender equality digitally
June 13 2014

3 startups to get you in the mood for Slush
Nov 16 2014

Swedish Startup Space
Mentimeter, a polling tool for meetings, announces $500,000 angel investment
Dec 9 2014

Swedish Mobilbusiness
With Mentimeter, everyone at Tieto can make their voice heard
Nov 6 2014

Swedish Mobilbusiness
Mentimeter wants to make work twice as efficient
Nov 6 2014

Swedish Startup Space
Mentimeter, yes or no?
Sept 12 2014

The story of Mentimeter

Our dream is to give every audience a voice and turn all presenters into superstars.

Our users are superstars on stage when their audience is engaged, have fun and are learning.

We have created a frictionless and beautiful software that lets leaders engage their audience during presentations.

Today we support millions of innovators creating amazing audience experiences.

Mentimeter has paying customers in over 50 countries and among those are McKinsey, H&M, Microsoft, Telefonica, Imperial College, KLM and IBM.

We are part of the Stockholm tech community and also proud to be #500strong in batch16 of San Francisco based incubator; 500 Startups.

We strongly believe in building a diverse, equal and inclusive company.

Join us in the quest of making the world a better place, meeting by meeting!

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