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Mentimeter CEO Johnny Warström in BBC Talking Business

How do you make meetings productive and inclusive?

Mentimeter CEO Johnny Warström on BBC Talking Business giving advice on how to address meeting madness. 

Mentimeter Short Description

Mentimeter is an Interactive Presentation Platform that transforms presentations, meetings and lectures by turning passive audiences into engaged contributors. We give everyone a voice independently of how loudly they talk. 

Mentimeter Description

Mentimeter was founded in 2014 in Stockholm (Sweden) with the ambition to change the way people give presentations, hold lectures and conduct meetings. Mentimeter is an interactive presentation platform which enables leaders to prepare, present and distribute their message in a more inclusive and engaging way. Via audiences connect to your presentations through smartphones without needing to download anything. Mentimeter makes real-time interaction and visualization of opinions, questions and thoughts possible through WordClouds, Multiple Choice Questions, Q&A’s Quizzes and more. Mentimeter works just as well in physical as in digital remote settings. 

Without almost any external investment, Mentimeter has organically grown to become a global market leader with 100+ Million users in over 200 countries and territories. The primary factor behind success being user love, with an NPS-score of 75+. 

A truly diverse and inclusive company, Mentimeter currently has 100+ employees with a 54/46 female/male percentage split from 25 nationalities.

Mentimeter is CO2 neutral and a pioneer in investing in DAC technology in Sweden.

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