Mentimeter app for Zoom

Make delivering interactive and engaging presentations even easier directly in your Zoom meetings or Zoom Webinars with live Polls, Word Clouds, Ranking, Q&A and more.

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Deliver engaging presentations from inside your Zoom Webinars or meetings

View your Mentimeter presentation library and share your slides with your team from the Zoom window. You can then start engaging participants with Q&As, Polls, and Quizzes to capture live insights. Use the interactive question types to brainstorm, get feedback, conduct reflections, quiz the participants, and more.

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Empower participants and give everyone a voice

Participants can now join and vote on a Mentimeter presentation from their Zoom meeting or webinar. They can easily ask questions, react and contribute to the conversation whilst seeing the results visualized in real-time. Gather honest and unbiased responses to get valuable insights into your team and make better-informed decisions.

Video Tutorial

How to use the Mentimeter app for Zoom

Step-by-step Guide

Follow the steps and learn how to use the Mentimeter app for Zoom

Download the Mentimeter for Zoom app
Step 1

Download the Mentimeter app from the Zoom App Marketplace

Follow the instructions to download the Mentimeter app for Zoom.

step 2 zoom
Step 2

Click ‘Apps’ in the bottom menu bar.

choose the Mentimeter App
Step 3

Choose the Mentimeter app

select your presentation
Step 4

Choose your presentation

Select the presentation you wish to present.

Send zoom app
Step 5

Invite participants to the Mentimeter App

Click the blue Invite button to send your presentation to all participants. They will be prompted to join the presentation.

share screen zoom
Step 6

Share screen

Click the green Share Screen button to share your presentation with participants. They can now join the presentation and start interacting without leaving the Zoom window.

Make your Zoom meetings more interactive with Mentimeter