NEW - Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams app

Live Polls, Quizzes and Q&As in Microsoft Teams

Make every voice heard in your Teams meetings. Use Polling, Quizzes, Word Clouds, Q&A, and more to engage attendees with real-time input straight from your Teams window.

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Engage participants and make meetings productive

  • View your Mentimeter presentation library and share your slides from inside Teams.
  • Conduct live Polls and Q&As to spark discussions, gather diverse opinions, brainstorm, make decisions and gain insights to learn from.
  • Use the Quiz as a fun icebreaker, an assessment tool to check understanding and to boost engagement.

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Empower your team and ensure every voice is heard

  • Participants can seamlessly join a presentation without leaving Teams. No voting codes or additional devices are needed.
  • Give everyone an equal chance to participate, ask questions, and share their opinion from the Teams meeting window to create more inclusive meetings.
  • Create beautiful visualizations with real-time input from your team that you can then use to analyze and make data-driven decisions.

Step by step Guide

How to use Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams

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Step 1

Schedule your Teams meeting

Schedule a Teams meeting, invite participants and then edit your meeting.

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Step 2

Search for the Mentimeter App

Select the "+" symbol and search for the Mentimeter App.

add app to teams meeting
Step 3

Add the App to your meeting

Add the Mentimeter App to your scheduled meeting and log in to your Mentimeter account. You can now view your presentation library and select the one you want to use.

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Step 4

Share your screen

Once you have started the meeting, share your screen and select the Microsoft Teams window with your presentation on.

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Step 5

Gather responses and start interacting

Start engaging the audience with interactive question types and watch the responses create beautiful visualizations.

Transform your Teams meetings into interactive sessions

Add the Mentimeter app to your Teams account.