Explore different situations where Mentimeter can be used for interacting with your audience

Make your workshops and seminars fun, collaborative and interactive

To create an environment for intensive discussions, use Mentimeter to let your audience participate and collaborate effectively on a particular topic. Interactive workshops are more fun to attend and facilitate a smooth session.

  • Save time for preparation and documentation
  • Increase the engagement with interactivity
  • Have more productive discussions by visualizing the results and looking at the same picture

What our users say

"It's a great, user friendly and intuitive product. We've had great experience connecting with our audience using Mentimeter in our workshops."

McKinsey logo
Shruti Shah, McKinsey & Company

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful and easy to use tool. I find it to deliver very good value for money compared to other options available. The context we used it was to get feedback from a large audience regarding some solutions workgroups generated in a strategy workshop with 55 people for 2 days."

Universum logo
Cristian Hossu, Managing partner at Universum

Inspiration for your workshop


Liz holds a one day workshop about starting your own business. She is normally nervous to stand in front of people during her presentations but using Mentimeter lets her engage and activate the audience in a way she feels comfortable with. Having quiz questions in her presentation creates a playful atmosphere but also lets Liz sneak in some useful facts.

How Liz plans her workshop with Mentimeter

Workshop question example 1

Liz begins with an easy Quiz question that is a little bit on the fun side to raise the energy in the room.

Workshop question example 2

Liz throws in a few more serious questions that are related to her presentation. She still uses the Quiz question type to keep the energy going.

Workshop question example 3

After the quiz, Liz sets a more serious tone to the presentation and she lets participants think about their biggest challenges. The input is vizualised in a Word Cloud to let the participants answer freely while still seeing trends and common impressions.

Conduct instructive training sessions in a new way

Tens of thousands of educators cannot be wrong - using interactive formative assessment tools such as Mentimeter for training sessions is a proven way of improving learning outcomes.

  • Increase the engagement through more participatory sessions
  • Fun and innovative presentations stay top of mind
  • Use Mentimeter’s powerful features to document, compare and improve the sessions

What our users say

"It's a brilliant tool and I'm actively promoting it in all the relevant training courses I do."

Jisc logo
Alistair McNaught, Inclusion Specialist at Jisc

"I LOVE Mentimeter Such a super tool and easy to use!"

Erin Gerdes, educator and learner

Inspiration for your training session


Mia is conducting a training session for her team to let everyone know the basics of SEO (Search enginge optimization). She uses Mentimeter to make sure the team is active and to check their understanding during the session, but also to collect and document everyone's input in an effortless way.

How Mia plans her training session with Mentimeter

Training question example 1

To see at what level everyone is at, Mia starts with an Open Ended question where she can go through and discuss the answers one by one. This helps her know what areas to put the focus on during the session and establishes a sense of participation among the attendees.

Training question example 2

After a short presentation about SEO, Mia uses a Quiz question to see if everyone understands the essentials about the subject. The Quiz makes the team think fast and sparks a sense of competition in the room.

Training question example 3

At the end of the session, Mia uses Scales to let everyone evaluate how confident they feel about incorporating the SEO knowledge in their usual work. This lets her know how well the participants understand the subject and helps her plan upcoming sessions.

Analyze the results

Mia goes through the results after the session and uses them to assess if she managed to convey the concept of SEO clearly to the team. She identifies some areas that a lot of people are uncertain about, and therefore plans a second session to go more into detail on those subjects.

Make your teaching more interactive and fun for both you and your students

Add Mentimeter in your teacher toolbox - an easy-to-use Classroom Response System without downloads or installations.

  • Let the students have fun by seeing their answers appear on screen. Add a little competition with Mentimeter Quiz and increase the engagement even more!
  • Fun and innovative presentations will stay in your students’ top of mind and therefore improve learning outcomes
  • Make formative assessment easier with unbiased results by letting the students provide their answers anonymously

What our users say

"I use Mentimeter in class frequently to get students to anonymously share their opinions, often on controversial issues they may be reluctant to speak out about in class. I love it!"

Katie Herrmann, English teacher

"Students feedback have been positive, because it's fun and quite an easy way to use. Currently universities spend a lot of money on other voting systems which are expensive and frankly do not work that well."

Dr David Leonard, Junior Doctor

We love the easy-to-use aspect of Mentimeter, it enables us to give all teachers a tool to be better at formative learning.

University of Oslo logo
ans Nedreberg, Oslo University

Get inspired by Silvina Tantone, IT teacher from Argentina

"I found out about Mentimeter a couple of years ago and started to use it a lot in my classes. What for?"

  • Make visible what my students think before or after lessons; for example I make them express in a short answer what they know about a specific topic so that I get to know common previous knowledge.
  • I sometimes ask students to give few words related to what they've learnt about a specific topic. Word clouds are perfect to see if I've achieved my objectives.
  • As a democratic tool; to give voice to my students when we have to agree or to vote. Anonymity is useful in some situations.

Inspiration for your lecture


Adam holds a university lecture in English literature. He uses Mentimeter as a formative assessment tool because it lets him quickly capture and visualize the students' responses. Since responses are anonymous, the students won't feel intimitated if they don't know the answer to a question. After the lecture, Adam can use the results to evaluate the students' understanding and plan for the upcoming lectures.

How Adam uses formative assessment and Mentimeter to improve student learning

Education question example 1

Adam uses an easy Multiple Choice question to make the students reflect about what they already know.

Education question example 2

To visualize the breadth and variation of the students' thoughts, Adam uses a Word Cloud. This sparks discussion about the theme in class.

Education question example 3

Adam uses Scales to let the students rate their own knowledge. This gives Adam an idea of what students feel confident about, and what they need extra help with.

Use feedback to improve next lecture

The results from the voting can be used as a basis for improving future lectures and for Adam to know what students need more support in throughout the course.

Make your meetings more fun and productive with Mentimeter

Do you want to prioritize smarter and have more fun and efficient meetings? Mentimeter can increase the productivity of your meeting while simultaneously ensuring that you get genuine input from the attendees since their answers are anonymous.

  • Reduce time for preparation and documentation
  • Have efficient discussions by looking at the same picture
  • Improve your decisions with Mentimeter’s powerful prioritization tools

What our users say

"Very good tool for group debates."

Anthony Slumbers, Digital Strategist & Founder

"I use Mentimeter to get the audience engaged and energized and put energy into the room. The effect is instant."

Joakim Jansson, Professional Consultant

Inspiration for your meeting


Nick is the product owner at a startup company. During the Friday weekly meetings, he lets the team reflect on the previous week since he believes that self-reflection is the best way of learning. It is a fun way to conclude the working week while still keeping it simple on a Friday afternoon. Mentimeter lets the participants answer anonymously, which results in honest answers.

How Nick holds a weekly retrospective meeting with Mentimeter

Meeting question example 1

Nick starts with a series of statements to get the team reflecting about the past week. Scales make it easy for the team members to answer even complicated matters.

Meeting question example 2

Nick uses a Word Cloud to let the team express their motivations. This puts everyone in a positive mood when starting the weekend.

Meeting question example 3

Nick uses this occasion to let the team members give praise to one another through an Open Ended question. Doing this every week makes sure even smaller contributions are recognized.

Meeting question example 4

Nick uses the feature "Ask questions again" that lets him use the same presentation every week and save the old result. He can afterwards compare and analyze the team's responses against time.

Make your events fun, memorable and innovative

Do you want look innovative in front of your audience? Mentimeter lets you spice up the event by allowing the audience to participate in interactive presentations.

  • Sustain your audience’s attention throughout the event
  • Increase the engagement by using interactivity
  • Inspire the audience with an innovative way to visualize their opinions

What our users say

"The tool is amazing! The audience loved it and it was brilliant for getting everyone engaged! Thank you for a great tool and I look forward to sending many referrals your way!"

Shingai Manjengwa, Professional speaker

"Really impressed by how @UniversumGlobal used @Mentimeter at #FTSummit16, brilliantly intuitive & easy tool #comms #digital #engaging"

Charu Malhotra

Engage the audience throughout an event


Pete is moderating an event for a diverse group of entrepreneurs. He uses Mentimeter to capture the audience's interest and add a little something extra to the event. Having an audience that is diverge both in terms of age and technology expertise, he wants to let everyone contribute without introducing anything complicated that might make some people feel uncomfortable.

How Pete plans his event with Mentimeter

Event question example 1

Pete starts the event with a Multiple Choice question asking the participants which business sector they belong to, so that he can see differences in answers between different groups afterwards.

Event question example 2

Pete wants to keep the energy up and make the participants prepared for the upcoming pitch challenge. He uses a Word Cloud to let the audience freely type in three factors that they think make the best pitch.

Event question example 3

Pete uses the Who will win? question type to determine the winner of the pitch challenge. This is a quick and great way to vote on the best pitch and only reveal the winner or winners. There is no second place or losers, keeping the atmosphere relaxed.

Share the results from the event

After the event, Pete shares the pitch winner on his Twitter account to let all the people who were interested in the event know who won and give them the opportunity to comment on the results.

Use Mentimeter to increase the energy at your conference

It can be difficult to keep the energy level up at conferences. Mentimeter provides an easy way for attendees to contribute ideas and drive informal conversations among them.

  • Let your audience feel involved, even in larger groups (500+)
  • Have interesting and relevant discussions by looking at the same picture
  • Brand your voting session and look professional with Mentimeter’s customization options

What our users say

"I highly recommend the use of @Mentimeter for getting live questions and feedback at conferences... #hamlyn2016"

Su-Lin Lee, Imperial College London

"We used a Mentimeter question last Tuesday with 560 colleagues and it went wonderfully! We got a nice big word cloud that summed up the participants’ impressions of the conference. You have a fantastic service - and no support was needed. Worked so well and was so easy to use."

Care Inspectorate Logo
Therese Löfbom, Communications at the Health and Social Care Inspectorate

Inspiration for your conference


Sarah is a speaker at a conference about web technology. The conference has already been going on for several hours, so she uses Mentimeter to keep the audience energized and interested in her subject. Letting the participants feel involved increases the energy among the audience and she feels that it is easier to get her point across.

How Sarah plans her presentation with Mentimeter

Workshop question example 1

Sarah starts with a Multiple Choice question to see who are present in the auditorium. This lets her adapt her message to attract the specific sectors in the audience, and also lets the audience know how everyone is distributed.

Workshop question example 2

Sarah wants to capture the wisdom of the crowd and visualizes the result in real time with a 2 by 2 Matrix. The result gives both her and the audience insights into the next big thing to look out for, and makes a good basis for group discussions.

Workshop question example 3

Sarah uses an Open Ended question to let the audience send in their questions to her in real-time without interrupting the speech. She then selects the most interesting questions and answers them at the end of the speech.

Evaluate the speech

After the event, Sarah goes through the questions again and looks at what questions the audience asked her. This lets her know what they found clear and what could be further emphasized during her next speech.

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