Mentimeter for Hybrid Classrooms

Create an inclusive learning environment and empower students to participate whether they are in the classroom or online.

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Hybrid and Blended Learning with Mentimeter

  • Spark interest and engage students with interactive questions 
  • Anonymous contributions create a safe environment where students can be honest and ask their most burning questions
  • Students can collaborate seamlessly, no matter where they are joining from
  • Students feel connected with one another fostering a sense of belonging 
  • Empower students and give them the confidence to share their opinions

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Formative assessment

Test knowledge and identify learning gaps

Pulse check

Pulse check

Provide a way for all students to participate & engage in real-time



Gamify lessons, create a fun learning experience & customize to fit any subject



Keep track of questions submitted while students can upvote the most important



Export results, discover key takeaways, get actionable insights and follow-up opportunities before the next class

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8 Ways To Engage Students In A Hybrid Classroom

Engaging students that are both in the classroom and joining online is a challenge many educators face. But firstly, what even is a hybrid classroom? We dive straight into what hybrid learning is, our top tips to engage students in a hybrid classroom, and how Mentimeter can help in this post.

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Hybrid Learning vs Blended Learning. What Is The Difference?

With the way we traditionally teach changing we have heard many different terms being thrown around. We discuss the differences between hybrid learning and blended learning and the strategies behind them.

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New Mentimeter Apps

Teaching to a Virtual or Hybrid Class?

Integrate Mentimeter into your favorite video conferencing platforms with our Apps for Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Students that are participating online or aren’t physically in the classroom can join the presentation and vote straight from the Teams or Zoom call. Make hybrid lessons a seamless experience with Mentimeter's apps for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Use Mentimeter In Your Hybrid Classroom