Interact With Your Audience in 3 Easy Steps

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1. Create your question

Use our interactive slides to ask your audience any kind of question. Add text and image slides to make full presentations.

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2. Your audience responds

Everyone can respond, ask questions, and react on any device. Everything they say is anonymous, so taking part is both easy and fun.

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3. Get instant feedback

Responses will immediately appear on screen as dynamic and colorful visuals, helping you better connect with the group.

Jonas Persson
I've used Mentimeter to get my audience engaged and energized during my presentation. The effect is instant and it's so easy to use.Jonas Persson, former CEO of Microsoft Sweden

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! As a free user, you can add up to 2 questions per presentation and create as many presentations as you want. There is also no limit to the audience size. To add more questions, you will need to upgrade your account.

No installation or download is required. Your audience can join a presentation by entering the voting code on, scanning the presentation’s QR code, or following the voting link. They can then vote using the smartphone or internet device used to join the presentation. 

Yes you can import your PowerPoint presentations directly to Mentimeter. To find out how to read more here.  

Yes it does! Mentimeter is now available in both the Zoom Marketplace & Microsoft Teams Apps.

Yes! If you upgrade your account you can download all results in Excel format.