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I've used Mentimeter to get my audience engaged and energized during my presentation. The effect is instant and it's so easy to use.
– Jonas Persson, CEO of Microsoft Sweden
I LOVE @Mentimeter Such a super tool and easy to use!
– Erin Gerdes, educator and learner

Guides to help you get started

How to create a presentation?

How to get started in seconds

Everything you need to know to start interacting with your audience.

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How to hide results

Take a tour in the presentation view

All the tips and tricks on how to take full control over your presentation.

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Voter's perspective

Mentimeter from a voter’s perspective

Prepare your polling by anticipating what your audience will experience.

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Hover to see specific answers

Learn about our question types

Discover Mentimeter’s powerful features with detailed visualizations of how it works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating presentations and questions

How many presentations can I create?

You can create as many presentations as you want!

How many questions can I create?

As a free user, you can create up to 2 questions per presentation. To create more questions, you will need to upgrade your account. For the quiz, up to 5 questions per presentation can be created.

For how long are my questions saved?

The questions are never deleted unless you delete them yourself.

What does the code on top of my presentation mean?

The code is a unique presentation ID that the audience uses to access your presentation at

How do I get a code for my presentation?

The code is automatically generated when you show your presentation.

Is it possible to send a link for the voting page?

Yes, use the share button.

When does my presentation code expire?

If a presentation is not used for quite some time, the code will expire in 45 days. When the presentation is in use again a new code is provided automatically.

Will Mentimeter work with my browser?

In short, yes! However, you should always use the newest version of your browser for security reasons. To learn more about how to ensure an optimal Mentimeter experience, read our Technical requirements.


Does my audience need to download an app?

No installation or download is required, neither for you nor for your audience. Since Mentimeter is fully web-based, all you need is a web browser, it’s as simple as that!

How many responses can a question have?

We do not have any limitation on the number of participants, so feel free to present to large audiences!

How many times can a participant vote?

Each participant gets one vote only. However, for questions of Open Ended type, there is an option to let participants vote more than once - see the guide for Open Ended questions.

Is there a way to vote without having to enter the code?

Yes, you can allow use of location for voting to let the audience choose code from a list instead of entering the code themselves. You can also share the voting link directly to the audience. See the guide for different ways of voting.

Can I let my audience vote by using a QR code?

Yes, click ‘Q’ on your keyboard or use the menu to the left while in presentation view to show the QR code. Please note that it is often faster to enter in the URL field and then add the digit code.

How do I delete the result?

You can either delete the result completely, or save the old result but ask the same questions again. See the guide for how to clear the results after voting.

I want my participants to vote on the question they see and not all the questions in my presentation, is that possible?

The default for all presentations is that the audience can only vote on the question that the presenter is showing. However, every presentation has a setting that allows the audience to answer the questions at their own pace, just like a survey.

After voting

Can I share my result via social media such as on Twitter or Facebook?

Yes! If you want to share your presentation you can copy the share URL and share it however you like. You can get the share URL from your presentations.

Can I export my result?

Yes! If you upgrade your account you can download all results in Excel-format.