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Translate Mentimeter for your audience and create a streamlined presentation experience that everyone will love.

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Transform your presentation with translations

Translating the language of the voting instructions and for your audience can be done in just a few clicks, but it will increase the positive impact the presentation has on your audience.

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Benefits of changing language on your next presentation:

  • Create a streamlined presentation that looks consistent and professional throughout
  • Focus on presenting your content rather than teaching your audience how to use Mentimeter
  • Deliver a better experience to your audience and make your presentation more memorable


Changing the voting instructions language is easy

  • Create your presentation in Mentimeter, and select which language your audience will see. No effort or translation is needed from you, once the language is set, you're ready to present.
  • When you present live in front of an audience, the voting instructions will appear in your chosen language.
  • Get your audience to go to and join your presentation using their smartphone. They will find that all Mentimeter elements such as buttons and other information are in the set language.

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Languages available

Translate Mentimeter into a variety different languages, including; Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. Mentimeter adds new languages frequently, so the best way to keep updated is to log into your Mentimeter account and explore the feature to see if your language is there!

How to change the language in Mentimeter

Our Menti expert Oscar shows us how easy it is to change the language in Mentimeter.

Can't see your language?

Are you a Mentimeter user that would like to see Mentimeter for your audience translated? If you would like to help translate Mentimeter into your own language, email us at and we will send you more information on how you can help us!