Interactive Survey Maker

Quickly and easily gather feedback from everyone in your audience with Mentimeter’s survey feature. Use a variety of slide types to collect and visualize your data.

Survey Maker

How do you create a survey?

A variety of slide types lets your audience input their answers with their smartphones or other internet devices. Conduct a survey whenever you want, and let our interactive slides visualize the responses.

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Visualized responses

Download Submissions

Download submissions

Export data

Export findings

Analyze Results

Analyze results

Audience pace settings & survey options

Gather responses at any time 

  • Setting your presentation to Audience Pace is a perfect way for your audience members to vote on your slides before or after your presentation.
  • Send on the voting link or voting code and let participants vote in their own time.
  • Surveys can be run before, during, or after your presentation.

Quick form UI

Quick Form

  • Add a variety of different questions thanks to our Quick Form slide.
  • Customize your own questions, ask about specific dates, ask for emails, or even include a ‘pick one’ or ‘pick many’ option. 
  • The perfect way to quickly gather important information from an audience.

Segmentation of survey results

Segmenting votes 

  • Segment voting results of multiple choice questions for even more refined data.
  • Identify trends and common themes with ease. 
  • Quickly and effortlessly show your audience how their votes can be categorized.

Need more help?

No need to worry because we have plenty more to teach you about surveys. We have a short course on how to create surveys with Mentimeter. In the video below, Oscar details everything you need to know about the perfect slide types for running surveys as well as how to send your survey before and after your presentation.

Get started with Templates

We have a series of survey templates to help you get started even quicker.

Employee Benefits Survey

Employee Benefits Survey

Pre-Workshop Questionnaire

Pre-Workshop Questionnaire

Post-Event Feedback Survey

Post-Event Feedback Survey

Product Survey

Product Survey


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