Spinner Wheel: Spin to Pick a Random Choice

Add your entries and let Mentimeter decide the outcome. Our Spinner is an enjoyable and totally random way to decide where to go for lunch, who will present first, or what prize the quiz winner gets.

Fair and Random

Fair and random

Spinner Wheel Options

Up to 30 options

Vibrant Colours

Vibrant colors

Various options

Never get the same option twice

Fun Spinner Wheel

Add some jeopardy to your next presentation!

  • Bring some excitement to your slide deck and try out something new and unique.
  • Customize your wheel, add up to 30 entries, and simply hit Enter to get spinning!
  • Need to spin more than once? Don't worry as no option will be chosen twice.

Spinner Wheel Random Choices

Decision-making minus the awkwardness

  • Eliminate any awkwardness in the decision-making process.
  • No need to waste time waiting for someone to take charge or make a call.
  • Totally random and 100% impartial, the fairest way to make any type of decision.

How to create a Spinner Wheel

Spin the Wheel Options

Step 1

Enter your options

Spin the Wheel Spin

Step 2

Click 'Enter'

Watch the wheel spin

Step 3

Let the Wheel to spin

Spinner Wheel Choice

Step 4

Wait for it to choose

Spinner Wheels for Meetings

  • Does no one want to present first? Spin the Wheel and let it decide who will have the honor of getting things started.
  • No need to wonder who will host the next team meeting, retrospective, or plan the next team activity.
  • Your next meeting may have plenty of discussion points so why not see which one you should kick things off with thanks to a Spinner Wheel?

Spinner Wheels for Education

  • Unsure what subject you should dive into first? Mentimeter can help so you spend more time teaching and less time planning.
  • Want a way to spice up your next pop quiz or assessment? Why not add some topics to a Spinner Wheel and quiz students on the topic they get?
  • Let lady luck decide if your that upcoming exam will be a presentation, an essay, a written test, or something really unique.

Get spinning right away

We have some customizable wheel spinner templates that are ready to download and waiting to be used.

Wheel of Names

Wheel of Names

Free Online Prize Wheel Spinner

Free Online Prize Wheel Spinner

Number Generator Wheel

Number Generator Wheel

Food Spinner Wheel

Food Spinner Wheel


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