The Mentimote

Mentimote turns your smartphone into a presentation remote so you can focus on engaging with your audience without being stuck behind a podium. No need to buy expensive presentation clickers!

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What is Mentimote?

The Mentimote is a feature in Mentimeter that enables you, the presenter, to access and control your presentations directly from your smartphone. With Mentimeter you can engage with your audience without being stuck behind a podium or computer. The Mentimote enables you to view your Presenter Notes, slide previews, change slides, open and close voting and much more.

Smartphone presentation control

Smartphone presentation control

Navigate between slides
Enable audience voting

Enable audience voting

Moderate your Q&A sessions

Moderate your Q&A sessions

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View your Presenter Notes

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How to use the Mentimote

Mentimote removes the need for presenters to buy expensive hardware, such as clickers, that can be quickly outdated, lost, or broken. Just access Mentimeter from your mobile browser to access your Mentimote.

  • Log into your account at on your Smartphone.
  • Open Mentimote on the presentation you want to present.
  • Start presenting like a professional!

What is the Mentimote?

Our expert Oscar gives us the rundown on what Mentimote is and how to use it.

Try the Mentimote for your next presentation!

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