Start an interesting conversation with your audience

Really listen to your audience by giving them a voice

Live questions
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Enhance your presentation with Q&A

  • Manage questions from large audiences with ease
  • No need to rely on assistants with microphones to manage audience questions
  • Run meetings smoothly and enable participants to ask questions whenever they like without interruption

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Create a better audience experience with Q&A

  • Give everyone in the audience a chance to have their question heard
  • Your audience can upvote questions that they would also like answered
  • Questions are asked anonymously, creating an open and safe environment

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Manage questions from large audiences

Asking large audiences if they have any questions at the end of your presentation can be a nightmare!

If your audience is big enough, you may need to rely on someone with a microphone to run up to audience members with questions in order for them to be heard. This can be time consuming and definitely not an efficient way of working!

If you don’t have a microphone - good luck hearing your audience’s questions!

It can also be quite difficult to manage all the questions in front of a large audience, especially if there is a time limit. Questions from Audience enables you to manage questions from audience quickly and easily without having to use extra tech.

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Create space for the most important questions

The Questions from Audience function can be incredibly useful in small groups, especially when talking about sensitive topics. The Q&A slide type can give your audience during meetings and workshops the chance to ask questions anonymously. This function may be particularly useful to HR professionals and others conducting workshops or small group sessions.


Smoother meetings are more productive meetings

Have you ever presented a meeting only to have people interrupting you by asking questions all the time? Does it make you lose focus or disrupt the flow of your presentation? If so, then make sure that your meeting presentations run smoothly! Enable your audience to ask questions whenever they like during the meeting without interruption by using the Questions from Audience function. The result? Keep control of the room and address those questions when you feel the time is right!

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