AI presentation maker: generate slides in seconds

Pressed for time before your next meeting or class? Let the AI Menti Builder save the day! Simply add a prompt and watch as it instantly crafts an interactive draft of a presentation, fully customizable by you.

Create with AI

The AI Menti Builder is quick and easy to use. Enter your topic and in a matter of seconds, an interactive presentation will be ready. Of course it's fully customizable, so you can adjust and refine it to perfectly suit your needs!

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For any group interaction  

  • The AI Menti Builder works for any type of group interaction: team meetings, workshops, lectures, surveys, fun quizzes, and much more. 
  • Reduce preparation time - you'll be ready to go almost instantly!
  • Want to add, remove, or tweak something? You have full flexibility to change and fine-tune the details. 

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Get time back

  • In a hurry? Let AI do the hard work for you.
  • A presentation that typically would require 1-2 hours of preparation can now be created in just a few seconds!
  • ... which means you can focus on rehearsing your presentation rather than creating it.


The easy way to get engagement

  • As always with Mentimeter, engagement is the main focus. The AI Menti Builder is trained in our best practices, for the most engaging presentations possible!
  • Wish more students would speak up in class? Anonymous interactive slides let everyone participate confidently.   
  • Engaged teams perform better. Instant interactive slides provide the perfect setup to get that engagement consistently!

What our users say

"It's great to get a head start since I find the blank page intimidating. Even if I change everything the AI generated, it's changing, not starting from scratch, so I find it easier."
Kevin O’Brien, Project Manager, Manufacturing Digitalisation
“I went from nothing to something in 30 seconds. I could go straight into edit-mode with all the fundamentals of my workshop already in place.”
Charlotte, Chief Communications Officer, Stravito
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“I can get some insight on designing the slides.”
Dr. Hyun Kil Shin, Senior researcher, Korea Institute of Toxicology
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Save valuable time with a simple prompt.

Try the AI Menti Builder today!

This is the first version of the AI Menti Builder, and we are committed to continually enhancing our AI-generated content to ensure it becomes more accurate. Try it out and let us know what you think!