Everything you need for interactive presentations

Make your audience feel involved by enabling them to contribute to presentations with their smartphones and show the results live.

I can pose a question easily and within a minute or two, have aggregated responses from every participant.Andrew Hollo, Workwell Consulting

Interactive questions and slides

Add polls, word clouds, Q&As, slides and more to your presentations and create an interactive experience for your audience. Your audience uses their smartphones to vote on questions and engage with the presentation. Mentimeter makes for an overall fun presentation experience, where opinions and ideas get heard.

Build beautiful presentations

Add interactive themes, beautiful photos and gifs to your presentation, directly from Mentimeter. Make your presentation feel personal, add your logo, or create your own themes that match your organizations branding. Style the presentation both in your slides and on your audience's smartphones.

Fun Quiz Competitions

Use Mentimeter’s Quiz question-type to build fun quiz competitions and add some excitement to your presentations. With a Mentimeter quiz, you can test your audience’s knowledge, see if they have been paying attention or simply add some fun to your presentation!

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