Manage expectations in a fun way

A facilitator wanted to know the expectations of the group before a workshop. S/he began the workshop by posting a simple free text question using Mentimeter.

The answers made it possible for the facilitator to make last-minute changes to the workshop and communicate to the participants which expectations would not be fulfilled this time.


  • Instantly understand your audience's expectations
  • Reduce dissatisfaction by communicating early on which expectations won't be met
  • Appreciate each participant’s unique starting point, thereby increasing your control of the workshop

Perfect for

  • Workshops & Seminars
  • An audience size of: 10-15

Step by step

1 Create the question

Use this example to get started

2 Start the presentation and gather input

Instruct your audience on how to vote

3 Comment on the result

Spend a couple of minutes going through the result and clarify areas you will cover. Manage expectations by telling your audience what you will not cover.

How does it work?

image description

Step 1:
Create your own question or use this example

image description

Step 2:
Your audience votes using their mobile phone or tablet

image description

Step 3:
The result is shown in real-time

Get started

Use this example:
Manage expectations in a fun way