Social Media Quiz!

See who knows the most about social media in this fun quiz.

Social Media Quiz

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This template features a series of Mentimeter quiz questions and a custom leaderboard. Participants will compete against one another throughout this series of multiple choice and type the answer questions.

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We all have the apps, curate our accounts and browse channels, reels, pages and trends. But how much do you and your friends actually know about Social Media? Think you know the history of Facebook, the early days of Twitter or TikTok, then get ready to put that knowledge to the test. 



Mentimeter loves everything about Social Media! So much so we decided to put this template together. Download it directly to your presentations (if you’re logged in) or sign up first then add it to your presentations with just one simple click! As easy as sending a like or scrolling to the next 🔥 post, this quiz is read to go. 

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Be sure to mention the winner in your next tweet, record the fun and games for an Insta story and share the quiz on Facebook. No need to put the phones down for this quiz either so feel free to jump directly from scrolling to answering these questions just resist the temptation to Google the answers!! 

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