Murder Mystery Party

Our Murder Mystery template for you to play with family and friends is here. So keep those old board games in the cupboard and leave the arguments for another day

Murder Mystery Party

How to download & use this Template

Everyone that is logged into their Mentimeter account just has to hit ‘Get template’ to download this template. All you have to do then is click the green check mark that will appear and you will jump to your presentations and can get started. If you need to sign up first, don’t worry it only takes some clicks and a little typing.

How to use Mentimeter for your next get together

No matter what the occasion, we have the tools to make the experience much more fun and interactive. From fun games, to some special one-off event, add in Mentimeter to get the group involved, no matter if everyone is present in the same room or if joining remotely. Quizzes, games, and plenty more can be made with Mentimeter, if you can imagine it then you can play it with Menti.

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