Medical Training Session

Check to see if your medical and nursing students are up to speed on hospital practices or new testing methods with our fully interactive training template.

Medical Training Template

How to download & use this Template

Once logged in you can simply click ‘Get template’ to download this presentation. Once downloaded, just click the green tick and it will appear in your presentations and can be used right away. For those that need to sign up first, then it only takes a few clicks and a little typing.  

How to run a workshop or training with Mentimeter

Designing your Mentimeter presentation is quick and process. You can combine interactive slides, designed to promote audience engagement and interaction, with content slides aimed to provide context and added information.

Use a variety of interactive slides to help gauge the knowledge level of the room, or check in and see if everyone understands the topic in question. Also feel free to add in a Q&A portion to let your audience ask those burning questions that will help clear up any confusion.

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