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Italian Language Quiz

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Italian Trivia

A language with as many idioms, gestures, synonyms, and history deserves more questions than we can fit into one Mentimeter quiz. So here we have plenty more questions on the grammar, vocab, and intricacies of love.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is a synonym for Dovere - To have to ?

  • Potere
  • Avere bisogno di
  • Ritenere

2. Which of these is a verb that involves movement?

  • Nuotare
  • Aspettare
  • Stabilire 

3. Which of the following is grammatically correct?

  • Lei è andato a la festa
  • Noi siamo pronte
  • Loro sono così stanco 

4. How would you translate, ‘I’m angry?

  • Sono arrabbiato
  • Mi sento infastidito
  • Sono affaticato

5. What does fianco a fianco mean?

  • Face to face 
  • Side by side
  • Back to back

6. How would I tell someone to ‘Take the next right’?

  • Prendi l’altro a destra
  • Prendi la prossima a sinistra
  • Prendi la prossima a destra

7. Which of the following is an example of the Condizionale presente?

  • Io berrò
  • Io bevessi
  • Io berrei

8. What is the correct plural form of braccio (arm)?

  • Bracchi
  • Braccia
  • Bracce

9. True of False: In bocca al lupo? Means ‘Good luck?.’

  • True
  • False

10. The verb avvertire means...?

  • To publish
  • To avoid
  • To advertise

Extra Questions

11. How would you ask someone if they speak Italian (formal voice)?

12. How would you translate ‘The tallest?

13. Facilmente is an example of what type of word?

14. Which tense is further in the future, the L’imperfetto or the Il trapassato prossimo

15. Conjugate esserci in the third person plural in the present tense.

16. True or False: Essa, Ella, and Lei all mean ‘she’.

17. Mi dispiace ma non capisco! Translates to what?

18. What 5 letters are not part of the proper Italian alphabet?

19. Sto parlando con mia madre is an example of what tense?

20. What does Non vedo l'ora mean?


1. Avere bisogno di

2. Nuotare

3. Noi siamo pronte

4. Sono arrabbiato

5. Side by side

6. Prendi la prossima a destra

7. Io berrei

8. Braccia

9. True

10. To publish

11. Lei parla italiano?

12. Il più alto

13. Adverb

14. Il trapassato prossimo

15. Ci sono

16. True

17. I’m sorry but I don’t understand

18. J, K, W, X and Y 

19. Il gerundio / The gerund

20. I can’t wait

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