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How Make Equal strives to build equal and inclusive organizations with Mentimeter


Make Equal is a Swedish non-profit foundation that aims to help organizations become more equal and inclusive through workshops and training. Make Equal uses Mentimeter to enable their participants to participate in the workshops in an anonymous way in order to collect open and accurate answers.

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Make Equal is a non-profit foundation that supports the public and private sector in becoming more equal and inclusive organizations.

Inclusion is a very big part of Make Equal’s work, both with what we do internally but also externally. When we come to a workplace, for instance, its really important to recognize that some people in the group might be really comfortable with speaking out loud, speaking in front of a big group and some people will be more comfortable with speaking in smaller groups so maybe sending their answers through Mentimeter more anonymously. For a group to be able to participate on equal terms and to be able to say what they think is important to have various ways for them to express their opinion.

It’s important to recognize that this work for equality is a continuous process that we have to keep on striving to create more equal and inclusive organizations and find ways of improving and develop in this area. Mentimeter helps us create organizational change since you can use it to gather thoughts, you can gather different perspectives.

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How to use Mentimeter in your workshops

Like Make Equal, you can use Mentimeter to create interactive workshops that are though-provoking and fun. Here are their best tips.

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Before we meet a client or a group of people, it is important to know the knowledge they already possess as individuals or as a group. One way can be that before the training is to send out a survey through Mentimeter where they have to identify their own strengths or challenges, so we can be as prepared as possible and to meet their needs. 

A good way to start a workshop or training is to use Mentimeter in an exercise, for instance, we have it often when we talk about masculinity norms. We have an exercise where the audience themselves have to define what masculinity is according to societies; they set the base for further discussions in the workshop. We can see the benefit of doing that in the energy, for instance, and also they feel like they can participate and they can also be a part of setting the agenda for the session themselves. 

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