Poll Everywhere vs Mentimeter

Poll, quiz, present, and survey everyone, everywhere. Don't just run a poll everywhere! Host a quiz, moderate a Q&A, send out a survey, and present a presentation.

Mentimeter VS Poll Everywhere

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere Comparison

MentimeterPoll Everywhere
Max audience size for paid plans10,000+700
Static/Content slidesYesNo
Fully interactive slides118
Additional free slide types for all usersYesNo
Learning AcademyYesNo
Pre-made templatesYesNo
Presenter notesYesNo
Standard themes93

Engaged Mentimeter Crowd

No limits to what you can create

  • Thanks to a max audience size of 10,000+ for all plans, everyone and anyone can join your Menti and be part of the experience.
  • Choose from over a dozen different interactive slides to create unique and visually impressive Polls, Quizzes, Surveys, and presentations.
  • Once votes are submitted and your presentation ends, you can download the results and turn that valuable data into insights.

Presentation Maker

Not simply a polling tool

  • Run surveys, create icebreakers, host a quiz, or get really creative and design whatever you need.
  • Get a helping hand or some inspiration with a template and dive right into creating.
  • Change the settings of your presentation so you can present live or send your slides out as a survey whenever you like.

Discover what you can do

Experience Mentimeter for Yourself

So, which presentation tool reigns supreme? If you crave real-time engagement, in-depth data analysis with a user-friendly interface, and the flexibility to rock any presentation format, then Mentimeter might be right for you (but we might be biased — if you end up choosing Slido, we love you anyway).


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