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We believe in the power of together. For us at Mentimeter, this naturally includes our colleagues, customers, friends, and family, and also our planet. Because of this, Mentimeter is committed to creating as little impact on the climate as possible. In this case, we see negative being positive. To achieve this, we are prepared to take chances. We already support groundbreaking projects, with uncertain outcomes. Of course, we know that small actions matter too, and we embrace this in our office, when we travel, and whenever we can. By sharing our work and knowledge, we aspire to inspire others to do the same.

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We have been carbon neutral since 2019. This year we became carbon negative and that's positive!

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Mentimeter is used by many but seen by more. Therefore we have the power to influence others in a positive way. We use our platform and networks to promote and bring awareness to possible solutions for securing a stable climate for our future generations. We try to inspire our users and create informative environmental templates that they can then use with their networks to create a positive change. People have used our climate change templates to help educate, inspire and encourage others to think about their impact in the world. We also want to be transparent in how we build our company and work with climate change to be a source of inspiration.

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We are committed to playing a leading role in the change towards a low carbon economy. Climate compensation projects (planting trees etc) are challenged as a solution for our planet. Mentimeter has therefore invested in the creation of a market in Sweden for DAC (Direct Air Capture), a technology that can capture CO2 from the atmosphere and safely put it back into the ground. For 2021 we invested in the same technology through ClimeWorks (Achieve net zero targets with Climeworks direct air capture). This is the future and we are proud to support entrepreneurs who build it!

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We reduce, reuse, and we recycle. We try and fix our things instead of buying new ones. We have a 3000 SEK allowance to repair our bikes, we have a neat recycling wall where everyone can recycle their waste and we try to serve vegan food as often as possible. Our dedicated Co-X Team actively work on minimizing waste and uses Klimato to help reduce the climate impact of the food we serve. And, of course, we don't use single-use plastics.

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We support ethical suppliers. We care about who our suppliers are and we challenge them to be their best. We choose to work with others that embrace their environmental responsibility - our electricity supplier is a green choice, our lights are motion detected, and LED and our main suppliers Amazon and Salesforce have both committed to becoming CO2-neutral.

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As a company, we don’t travel that much and when we do we are careful. We rarely travel for meetings and most are held remotely to minimize our carbon footprint. We commute by bike, VOI, or public transport, a car or taxi is always the last option and if we have to, we try and share the ride. Once per year, we do take the whole office abroad. And when we do, everyone is offered the choice to travel by train.

Join us and be part of the change