Tools for Remote Working

We are all very familiar with the world of remote work, but online meetings, trainings and workshops can be improved. Mentimeter is here to make these sessions more engaging and give everyone the opportunity to participate.

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The benefits of remote working with Mentimeter

Mentimeter wants to help make remote working that little bit easier for everyone involved. Continue conducting smooth wide scale company meetings, smaller team focused sessions or external client calls no matter where people log in from. From kitchen tables to home offices, Mentimeter is on hand to help you and your team optimize remote work. Mentimeter allows users to:

  • Engage and interact with colleagues using live polls, word clouds, multiple-choice questions, and more
  • Run Q&As so everyone can voice their opinion and avoid confusion
  • Collect feedback and data to help presenters and meeting organizers better understand their teams thoughts
  • Offer everyone a platform to participate in online meetings and discussions
  • Collaboratively rank and prioritize questions and initiatives
  • Maintain a strong team culture despite the distance


Evaluate with Scales questions


Real-time data

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Knowledge share with your team


Prioritize with Ranking questions

Step by step guide

How to use Mentimeter for remote working

Step 1

Make a presentation in Mentimeter

Use word clouds, multiple-choice or any of our other questions types.

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Step 2

Bring interactivity to Zoom & Microsoft Teams calls

Whether your company uses Microsoft Teams or Zoom then make sure your next team meeting, all-hands or brainstorming session is more interactive than ever. Mentimeter and Teams have partnered to make your calls both more engaging and more streamlined.   

Step 3

Share your presentation and let everyone join in

Send the presentation link to your colleagues or instruct them to visit and enter the unique voting code, or even scan the QR code. Your colleagues can now connect, follow the presentation, vote, and interact. Participant and voter numbers appear on screen so you can be sure everyone is following along.

Emotiv results showing better engagement and lower boredom

The Mentimeter Effect: More Engaging Meetings

Keeping teams engaged can be a major challenge with online meetings. Mentimeter has been proven to increase an audience's attention, engagement, and learning, while decreasing boredom. Click the link to see how Mentimeter can help lessen the distance between you and your remote audience.

Templates for Remote Working

Interactive and Engaging Training Session

Interactive and Engaging Training Session

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All-hands meeting template

All-hands meeting template

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Company Quiz

Company Quiz

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Mental Health Workshop

Mental Health Workshop

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NEW - Pro & Enterprise users


A better way to collaborate with colleagues. Try out our NEW Collaboration feature that enables team members to edit and work on a presentation at the same time! See what slides colleagues are working on, view edits in real-time, and work together smoothly to create an awesome presentation.

Use Mentimeter to work remotely