Harness the power of competition!

Explore the science of competition and harness that power to increase learning, fun and engagement.

The science of competition

Competition comes in all different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a football World Cup tournament, pub quiz or a spelling bee, the premise is the same; there can only be one winner! But why are we humans so obsessed with competition? Actually, there’s a lot of science behind it.

Why do humans love competition?

We can all agree that competition is fun. Even those of us who don’t describe themselves as “competitive” can’t resist the chance to be better than their peers. But why is this? There’s a saying that “you don’t need to outrun the bear, just your friend”. That’s right, competition taps into our primal survival instinct, but we also love to perform better than our peers, regardless of the situation.

The benefits of competition

Us humans not only enjoy competition, competition can actually help us to thrive. When the right level of competition is there, it can act as a huge motivator, as we want to be the best. Studies even show that when competition is added to a learning environment we can perform better.

Mentimeter Quiz Competitions

Now that you know about the benefits of competition, why not put it to the test with a Mentimeter Quiz Competition. With Mentimeter you can create competitive quizzes with ease that not only dial into your audience’s competitive side, but are also fast, effective and almost impossible to cheat on!

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