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What's new in Mentimeter February 2022

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Olivia Hanifan2022-02-11

The latest updates from Mentimeter this month.

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Pin-on-image - show correct area

A useful addition to our Pin-on-image slide, you can now get your audience to click on a specific area of a picture. You can mark part of the Pin-on-image as correct.

Pin-on-image slide set correct area

For more information on how to set a correct area, you can read the help article here.

MentiAcademy Micro Courses

Short on time but still want to improve your Menti skills? These micro-courses are for you! We’ve just launched two brand new 15-minute Micro Courses, Surveys in Mentimeter and  Pin-on-image. Learn how to collect and visualize your data with surveys or how to use the Pin-on-image slide with a short demo video, lots of examples and a certificate badge on completion.

MentiAcademy micro courses

Keyboard shortcut reminders

Remembering which keyboard shortcut means what can be tricky and cause extra unwanted presenter stress. Or perhaps you accidentally pressed the wrong keyboard shortcut. Luckily we have now added small keyboard shortcut reminders to our prompts so you can easily control your presentation like a pro.

hotkey prompt image

New Enterprise SCIM feature “Last Active”

Available through SCIM on the Enterprise plan, you can now see when team members were last active on Mentimeter.

Last active image for team members