The latest new features - August 2021

August 09, 2021

Just because it was summertime doesn’t mean that our development team didn’t roll up their sleeves and come up with some new features. Collaboration is a new feature that all of our Pro and Enterprise customers will have access to.

Collaboration has been a highly requested feature and the team has been working tirelessly to give the people exactly what they want. Collaboration will give users the opportunity to ensure their presentation experience is more streamlined and stronger

Mentimeter is all about promoting meaningful engagement and giving presenters and leaders the chance to create, not just beautiful, interactive presentations, but work in a smarter and more complimentary manner.


So let’s see what specifically our users can do with this new feature and you can make the most of our new toy. 


Pro and Enterprise users can easily send an invitation to whoever they want to collaborate with (other Pro or Enterprise users only). Owners, or creators, of the presentations can likewise remove collaborators as they see fit. 

All collaborators have the ability to see everyone invited to edit the shared Mentimeter presentation. 

collaboration 1

Enterprise users, who are workspace admins, also have an additional setting: Collaboration can be turned ON for all within the workspace (this is the default setting), ON for everyone and OFF.


Collaborators have the ability to edit the same presentation. No more awkward sharing slides and attempting to copy and paste what is needed. Multiple stakeholders can easily work in the same space, saving time and energy.

image 2 collab

The more eyes on a Menti likewise means higher quality these team effort presentations will be.  

Thanks to collaboration people can jump in, edit and improve as they see fit. 

Live editing also means that someone can edit while the other presents! To avoid overlap and miscommunication, we have made sure that two collaborators can’t edit the same item in the right-hand pane or the presenter notes at the same time. Less chance for confusion and error. 

New Home view

A ‘Shared’ icon will now be visible in the ‘My Presentations' section to highlight which presentations have been made collaborative. 

image 3 collab

To further highlight which of your presentations are shared and which are not, we have added a new filter with the following options:

  • Shared with me
  • Shared by me
  • Owned by me
  • Show everything
image 4 collab

As with non-collaborative presentations, Pro and Enterprise users can export results. 

So there you have it! Collaboration is live and ready to roll so get collaborating now, and if you want even more information then Oscar is here to detail Collaboration in full!

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