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New in Mentimeter: Ranking Question Type and Remove input from Word Clouds and Open Ended questions!

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Emma Cullen2019-03-12

We have been working hard the last few months to bring you some new features that will make your Mentimeter presentations even more fun and interactive! We hope that you will enjoy using them!


Ranking Question Type

We have released a new question type - Ranking! The ranking question type enables you to ask your audience questions and your audience can rank their answers. Here’s an example of how the question type looks below. You can add this template to your account to start using it straight away!

Ranking question type

Ranking question type

If you want to learn more about how to use the new ranking question-type, this detailed article from our Help Center will help to make you an expert in no time!

How to use the Ranking question type

Remove input from Word Clouds and Open Ended questions

Now you can remove input from Word Clouds and Open Ended questions to keep answers clean and tidy as shown in the gif below!

Post Mod animation non outlook

Remove inappropriate content and make sure your live results look amazing! If you would like to learn more about this feature and how it works, check out this helpful article:

Remove input from Word Clouds and Open Ended questions

Online Event: Mentimeter for the digital classroom

Want to learn about how educators can most effectively use Mentimeter in the classroom? Join our upcoming live event to learn more about how using interactivity can engage students and increase learning! In this webinar we will explore:

  • How to create an interactive presentation with Mentimeter
  • Which questions types are particularly useful in the classroom
  • Some fun and unique features that will assist your teaching

We will also hold a Q&A session where we will answer all your Mentimeter-related question!

Event information: This webinar will be held on the 27th March at 16.00 CET (15.00 UTC).

Sign up for the event on Facebook.

New look Word Cloud

And finally, we have given one of our favourite features, the Word Cloud, a makeover! Whilst the Word Cloud functions in the same way, you might have noticed that it looks a little different. That’s because we have changed the look and feel of the word cloud in order to make it look even more appealing and impressive to your audience. Try it out today and see what you think!