Open House with Mentimeter: An Evening of Networking & All Things Menti

July 18, 2022
Mentimeter open house - employer branding
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Pritama SarkarContent Marketing Specialist

We recently hosted an open house in our Stockholm office where we presented about our people, culture, and product in front of 70 enthusiastic participants. It was an excellent opportunity to meet those curious about the people behind Mentimeter and give them a sneak peek into our way of working! We sat down with Nancy Boon, our Talent Acquisition Business Partner, to discuss the event and how we used Mentimeter to make the open house an interactive experience.

Why an open house? What was the goal behind the event?

We wanted to create a space for Menti-enthusiasts to connect, have fun, and learn a bit about the inner workings of Mentimeter. Interestingly, we met a number of talented professionals who were thinking of applying for our vacant positions and wanted to see if Mentimeter was the right fit for them.

One of the biggest challenges for HR is employer branding, and this event was our way of addressing it. This was our first ever HR-initiated open house, and we were pleasantly surprised by the responses we received. We had 70 people showing up to the event!

70 participants! How did you engage such a large audience?

We used Mentimeter to create the slides and encouraged the participants to share their thoughts, feedback, and questions during the presentation. Anonymously, of course!

We received interesting questions about our strategy, priorities for the next 3-5 years, the interview process, and my personal favorite - why I joined Mentimeter! Thanks to the ‘Upvote’ feature, we could view the most popular questions, which, in turn, made the Q&A session particularly productive.

What kind of questions did you ask the participants?

We were curious to learn about their preferences and how they perceived Mentimeter. For example, we showed the participants the benefits we offer and asked them to vote for the ones they considered the most important to them. Similarly, we asked them which of our core values resonated the most with them. 

Core values at Mentimeter

Core values at Mentimeter

What was the response of the participants?

We received so much praise and positive feedback! A lot of people reached out to me asking about our open positions. I also got messages from those who weren’t looking to change jobs but were interested in our vision and strategy.

Fun fact - I already have a few people (who heard about the event from the participants) asking me about the next open house. That’s our viral loop in action!

How did Mentimeter make a difference? Why not use any other tool for events like these?

The best part about using Mentimeter for public events is it allows us to gather feedback from a large crowd. We didn’t have to split the participants into smaller groups to make them feel comfortable and get their honest opinions. Even if that were the case, chances are a lot of people would have kept quiet or felt sidelined.

The opportunity to share their thoughts and questions anonymously made it easy for the participants to engage with the presentation and for us to maintain complete transparency. Mentimeter created a safe space for everyone to open up and share how they feel.

Ask questions - Mentimeter presentation

Ask anonymous questions

How do you see the potential of using Mentimeter in future events?

We’ll keep using Mentimeter for public events to ensure we are allowing everyone to raise their voice. We garnered so much interest this time we are already considering hosting more sector-specific events. That way, we can invite speakers who are experts in their fields and can answer more deep-dive questions.

We also want to learn from these events; to track changes in people's attitudes and expectations. It’d be interesting to see how the participants react to the changing tech landscape, what’s important to them one year from now, and how they feel about certain topics.

Inspired by the success of our open house, we've created a brand new template for the HR teams to use for networking and recruitment events. 

Check out the template and make it your own!

Open House Template for Recruitment

Open House Template for Recruitment

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