Life of a Relationship Manager at Mentimeter

February 23, 2021
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Hilda AronssonRelationship Manager

We like to say at Mentimeter that there is only one constant in the organization - and that is change! We are currently on this rocket ship ride, growing fast with lots of exciting new opportunities and that is exactly why I love working at Mentimeter.

I started working at Mentimeter in September 2020. The thing that immediately struck me was how a fast-growing organization took so much time and investment in its employees. Mentimeter appreciates and understands that there is more to life than just work. We have fun together, we celebrate success together and we grow together. From having lunch together in the office to an external career coach and fun events for cultural growing and team building. To be surrounded by smart and ambitious people but still have the time for having fun and making it more than just a job, is one of many things that motivates me here at Mentimeter. 

What is a normal week for a Relationship Manager?

A Relationship Manager is part of the sales team at Mentimeter and works strategically and tactically with a portfolio of enterprise customers to expand current contracts and logos. To start off the week the RM-team kick off with a team meeting to get everyone synced and onboard for the coming week. This usually follows with customer calls almost every day. These calls could be onboarding with a new enterprise customer, negotiation or price discussion for an already existing enterprise customer or legal and technical discussions with an upcoming enterprise customer or existing ones. 

Depending on what period it is, (low or high season), I will be able to work proactively and reactively according to workload and prioritization. I am currently responsible for around 150-200 accounts which involve renewing contracts as well as a variety of different things. With that said, my work is influenced by when my renewal peak is or when I can focus on more proactive work such as outbound and expanding existing contracts with our enterprise customers. The relationship with our customers is based on the RM to be a trusted advisor and therefore is the business acumen skills a big strategic part of the role. Overall, we really want our customers to get the most out of Mentimeter. We try to help them achieve their goals and take full advantage of their Mentimeter account.

One of our main focuses is always to minimize the risk of churn. Of course, we want to keep our customers and help them excel with Mentimeter and get the most value out of their investment. With larger logos or contracts we can usually set and develop the strategy for expansion together. This is something we do with the customer and often in collaboration with one of my colleagues from the Customer Success team. The Customer Success team’s main focus is education and knowledge within the tool as the Relationship Manager’s main focus is the commercial side of the business.

The top four reasons why I chose Mentimeter and the Relationship Manager role:

1. You never know what your days are going to be like

Mentimeter is a company that changes and grows at a high speed that makes every day exciting and therefore not always easy to predict what is going to happen. But with that said, there is always transparency and an overall goal and vision are clearly stated. One day you can have a customer call with a university in the Netherlands, an event company in Dubai, to a big negotiation with a transnational corporation in the U.S. For a person who always wants new challenges and searching for that new experience and discussions, this is a role for you.

2. The team mentality

Teamwork at Mentimeter is something that impressed me right from the start. Team mentality is at the core of everything we do and is present in every subteam from marketing to product to sales. The flat organizational structure means that no matter what position you are in, your voice can be heard. The transparency and inclusivity of everybody is in abundance at Menti, every individual is valued and their work appreciated. Not only that but if you ever need it, there is always a helping hand or someone to talk to for extra support. You have your line manager, fellow colleagues, external and internal coaches and in the end, everyone really wants the best for one another. Humbleness is one of our core values and something that I put great value on and makes us as a team and company excel.

3. Personal leadership and personal ownership

From day one you are trusted and given responsibility at Mentimeter. I remember one of my onboarding sessions with our CEO - Johnny Warström who said “Your opinion is as much valued as mine here at Mentimeter”. This is something that resonated with me and that I see put into practice every day.  To be given the trust in my personal leadership but also to get the opportunity from day one to be part of developing processes, new initiatives and to positively influence and shape a fairly young sales organization is something that excites and drives me in my day to day work.

4. Product first

Mentimeter goes by the strategy “Product first” which is one of the most important things for me as a person who works in sales. Knowing that you can always keep the customer promises and that the product itself is the main focus for the business is something that makes me very confident and safe in every discussion with a customer. 

Would you like to be a part of the Mentimeter team and maybe also the RM-team? I encourage you to apply and be a part of this exciting journey!

Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or check out our vacancies. Search Careers

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