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Include EveryBODY: Health and Exercise at Mentimeter

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Thomas Dawson2021-09-22

Staying fit and healthy sits at the cross-section between creating a workplace where people actually want to be and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Both of those principles are central to what we do here at Mentimeter, and there are a number of initiatives to help put the theory into practice for those who want to participate.


We like to think there is something here for everyone. Whether you enjoy the idea of an intense bootcamp, or prefer a more gentle and meditative yoga session, you should be able to find the MentiSport initiative for you. (...and of course, if you can't find what you like, you’re always welcome to start an initiative yourself!). Here is a quick rundown of our current regular activities.

Inside the Office

When we moved to a new office in 2021, one of the things we wanted was to include a gym for individual and group workouts. So now we have two sets of changing rooms with showers, a range of gym equipment, and floor space to give you room to get a sweat on when you want to. The gym is available for individual use whenever you need it, but we also have a number of fitness initiatives that are run (pun very much intended) in and around the office.

Lunch Gym Workouts

Some people prefer to workout in the morning, some like to head to the gym after work...and then there are those who want to workout in the middle of the day. Luckily for those who prefer to exercise around lunchtime, there’s a whole group at the Mentimeter offices who feel the same! Anyone is welcome to join the sessions and get a sweat on before tackling the rest of the day.

Menti Gym - T11

The Running Club

Good exercise doesn’t always have to involve complicated and varied routines. There doesn’t need to be an element of competition or meditation. Sometimes just getting your heart rate up and beating your personal best is all you need. For those who think exercise doesn’t need to be complicated, there is the Menti Running Club. Rain or shine, this keen group of runners usually head out just before lunch on Thursdays.

"I’m always looking forward to our weekly lunch runs!" says Fullstack Engineer, and keen runner, Ella Klara. "It’s fun to catch up with each other and get some exercise in at the same time. Whether you’re looking for running motivation, a way to discover Stockholm or just to get to know your co-workers a little better, you’ll find it here!"

Friday Yoga

Friday mornings at Menti mean one thing: Yoga. Not for those who find it difficult to get to the office for the 7.30(!) start time (though there are plenty who fight the urge to stay in bed a little longer to feel the benefit of an energising, relaxing, and centering session). This weekly session is the perfect remedy for getting you through the end of a long week and is an excellent way to prepare for the weekend.


“I think yoga is a beneficial activity in the office because it helps overall fitness, is inclusive, creates a sense of humbleness, and bonds people together while having fun,” says Mentimeter Data Scientist and Yoga Teacher, Jeremy Bellucci. “Anyone with any body type can practice yoga, all it takes is some motivation (especially early on Fridays). The inclusiveness aspect of yoga is also appealing to me and is a core value of Mentimeter.”

“Fridays are the ideal day for yoga at the office because afterwards the practitioners can enjoy the Menti-breakfast with the rest of the Menti-folks, hopefully a little more relaxed and focused for the day and weekend ahead.”

Outside the Office

Of course, you don’t have to do all your exercise and activities at the office or during office hours! There are a whole host of activities that happen outside of office hours. Some regularly, some… not so regularly. But, whatever the time of year, there is almost certainly something going on with your fellow Menti colleagues to get you outside in the fresh air and moving around!

Menti Running

Activities that have proven popular in the past and continue to have strong followings and participation from Menti Peeps include (but are not limited to): Dodgeball, Basketball, Badminton, Climbing, Hiking, and a Summer Swim Club that grew out of the Running Club in 2021. If you want to get active or if you just want to socialise with your colleagues outside of the office, it is as simple as joining the #activities Slack channel to keep up to date with when and where things are happening!

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