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How Mentimeter supported my move to Sweden

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Ittaí Gastelut2020-11-10

Moving to a new country can be daunting but one where you don't speak the language and don't know much about all the processes can put you off. But mine has been nothing but a positive experience. Here is my story about moving to Stockholm, Sweden.

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My name is Ittaí Gastelut and I am a Sales Development Representative at Mentimeter. I was living in Spain prior to relocating to Sweden after Mentimeter hired me. 

Having lived in Mexico, Spain and America I always had a strong desire to live and experience different cities and cultures. I had visited Sweden several times prior to applying and completely fell in love with the way of life, the culture and the people. As a birthday present one year I was gifted with a solo trip to Stockholm as it was one of my favourite cities. This really cemented my love for the city. Thereafter I always imagined that somehow I would end up here and live in Stockholm and so when I saw the job opportunity at Mentimeter I knew this was the right time to take the plunge.

The hiring process 

Mentimeter made me feel included from the moment I applied. The hiring process was smooth and welcoming! 

I was a bit nervous that they might consider hiring a local as I do not speak Swedish, but from the get-go Mentimeter made it clear that their opportunities are available to everyone, regardless of where they live. Also, Mentimeter’s main operating language is English.

Mentimeter’s culture is a top priority and for the cultural interview they’d made it clear they would fly me to Stockholm to meet with the CEO or one of the Founders face-to-face (pre-covid-19). Regardless of their busy schedule, it is important for them to meet with every potential candidate prior to joining the company. This is such a genuine way of displaying humbleness, which is one of Mentimeter’s core values.

The process to move to Stockholm was very simple for me. Mentimeter provides relocation support such as housing options and covers a 2-week stay. They also took good care with informing me about any local laws and provided resources on leasing arrangements and how to find accommodation. 

Mentimeter can offer support by sponsoring flights and relocation of furniture if needed. They are very flexible and if you need some time before moving into a new place, they sponsor a hotel or other temporary accommodation for the first two weeks. 

Although it may be daunting moving to a new country with all the paperwork you need to fill in, Mentimeter helps at every step of the way. When moving to Sweden you have to apply for a ‘personal number/ personnummer’ which can be a lengthy process but luckily Mentimeter helps out and makes sure you still can begin whilst waiting for your bank details and other official numbers. If needed Mentimeter can also hire an expert consultant to help with work permits or immigration. The paperwork will of course vary depending on the candidate and how complicated this process may be, depends on where you are from. 

Not only that but if you are interested in learning Swedish, Mentimeter supports and subsidizes studying for both the candidate and their partner if wanted. In some companies you may have to follow certain protocols but Mentimeter makes it easy and quick to get started as soon as possible. You have the freedom to choose where and what courses you want to study and it is all very much in your hands and in your control. 

Settling in

Leaving friends and family for a new country can be a nerve-wracking and lonely experience. But, I am fortunate enough to say that it never felt either of those with Mentimeter. 

Soon after arriving, I quickly realised that Mentimeter is more than just an employer. They care and invest time in understanding and helping every individual employee settle in. Other than that, it really is an international work environment with employees from over 20 countries so there is always someone to talk to that would either know how you may be feeling or know something about moving to another country.

Life at Menti isn’t all about work. The Office Vibe Manager Amanda (as well as many others) work tirelessly and spend a lot of time organizing and planning activities where we can all bond, get to know each other and of course have fun! There are many after-work activities which is a relaxed way to help any newbies acclimatize to their new life in Sweden and I very quickly felt like part of the Menti family. Having Friday social events at the office are fun and an easy way to connect with colleagues. These added to me feeling very included, which is another Mentimeter’s core values. (Pre-covid-19)

“I came from the end of the world (Argentina) to find the perfect workplace, and I found that with Menti” - Sebastian, Art Director

I am so happy to be part of such a great company, that always keeps the employees at their centre, and makes you feel as though you’re in a family. 

Also, we can’t forget the amazing food we get through our lovely Chef, Sarah. As well as our office doggies that add a lovely element to your everyday work!

I encourage you to apply and be a part of this incredible journey!