The latest new features - February 2021

February 03, 2021

New year, new amazing features to kick it off. We are finally launching one of our favorite internal features, Pin-on-image! We also have some great content slide features to give you more choice in displaying your content.

It’s been a busy and productive start to the year, and we love bringing out new features to help you engage your audience. That being said, here’s a rundown of what’s new:

Pin on image

Our favourite new feature Pin-On-Image is finally here to share with you! This interactive new slide-type lets your audience choose a particular point of an image. Perfect for a fun icebreaker, test student knowledge, or to aid a strategy meeting, the Pin-On-Image slide uses are endless.







Pin-On-Image is a firm favourite in our weekly team meetings where we try and come up with the silliest use of Pin-On-Image. Check out some of the silliest so far, or try it out and let us know on Twitter!

Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo?

For more help on how to use Pin-On-Image view our help article.

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Numbered list

We have now added the option on the Bullets Slide to have numbers instead of bullets. You can easily change this by toggling “use numbered list”, giving you more opportunities to display your content. 

Pro tip: Add a dash to make a sub-bullet point in your presentation to add subcategories to your bullet point list. The sub-bullet list is alphabetical.

- sub-bullet

Weekly agenda with numbered bullets image

Markdown Menu

New! We’ve made it that bit easier to make your text bold, italic or strikethrough text. You no longer need to add asterisks and stars to format text and can now highlight the text and a small option menu will appear. The menu will show the symbols which you can then choose and your text will automatically change.

markdown menu screenshot

Helvetica & Arial Font for Pro

Mentimeter Pro users can now change their font to Helvetica or Arial when creating a new theme

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