Mentimeter opens a new office in Sydney

November 06, 2023
Menti bag - Sydney

Swedish scale-up expands into APAC market with aim of increasing proximity to customers and disrupting digital meeting tool space.

STOCKHOLM & SYDNEY – November 6, 2023 – Mentimeter, the leading audience engagement platform, today announced the opening of a new office in Sydney, Australia. The move to expand into APAC adds to the company’s existing presence in Europe and North America. As the demand in the APAC region has grown, the establishment of the Sydney office represents a strategic manoeuvre to better serve existing clients and tap into a burgeoning market.

Mentimeter's co-founder and CEO, Johnny Warström, commented, “Our move into APAC is a direct response to the high existing demand and future potential we see for Mentimeter in the region. It is also a natural strategic next step to having global Enterprise grade coverage for both our product and service offering. With our Sydney office we are erasing boundaries, ensuring we are accessible and present for our current and prospective customers.”

The Asia-Pacific region, regarded as an economic powerhouse due to its vast population and technological advancements, has remained a high-potential market that Mentimeter is keen to navigate and serve more effectively. Moreover, with a nod towards localization, the Sydney office will be pivotal in adapting Mentimeter’s offerings to resonate with the diverse cultures, languages, and business etiquettes found across APAC.

Sydney office founding team

Ashleigh McFarland, Mentimeter’s APAC Director, added, “Localization goes beyond language – it’s about understanding and integrating into the distinct business landscapes and cultural nuances. Mentimeter’s Sydney team will play a crucial role in ensuring the platform is not only accessible but also culturally and operationally relevant across the APAC region.”

Aiming for rapid growth, Mentimeter projects to expand its Sydney team to 15 members in 2024 and anticipates further scaling to a team of 30 shortly thereafter. The competitive benefits offered by the company, which notably exceed market expectations, will not only attract top talent in the region but also underscore Mentimeter’s commitment to being an employer of choice.

This APAC expansion follows Mentimeter’s successful expansion into North America in 2021 and is emblematic of the company's strategic and customer-centric approach to global growth. The move into Sydney is anticipated to build upon the momentum generated by Mentimeter's North American expansion, harnessing untapped opportunities within the APAC market and reinforcing Mentimeter’s position as a global leader in the audience engagement platform space.

About Mentimeter

Mentimeter is an audience engagement platform (AEP) that makes it easier to listen and to be heard by transforming passive audiences into active contributors. Mentimeter is fundamentally changing the culture of presentations, lectures, and workshops in business and education from talking to listening. Whether on-site, remote, or hybrid, Mentimeter creates a unique, transparent, and engaging experience for everyone.

Since launching in 2012, Mentimeter has grown from a group of four founders to a 300+ person company with three offices on three different continents. In this time, more than 280 million people have gathered opinions, questions, and thoughts through our platform. The platform is used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

For more information, please contact:

Thomas Dawson, Communications Specialist at Mentimeter

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Telephone: +46 79 101 42 62

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