Hot off the press, our new features - August 2020

August 05, 2020
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Drum roll please...our new features are here! We’ve been busy during the summer at Mentimeter creating and releasing some really cool new slide types and features that we can't wait for you to try them out!

Video Slide

The much-requested Video Slide is finally here! Add Youtube videos to your presentation to engage your audience and as well as enhance your presentation. 

It is easy and quick to add a Video Slide to your presentation, simply

  1. Click add slide 
  2. Select the Video Slide type
  3. Copy and paste the Youtube URL to the box
  4. Voila! Your chosen video will appear on your presentation
video slide screenshot

Read more about how to use the video slide here.

Audience comments

This exciting new feature has been developed from our users needs during remote working. It enables the audience to input their thoughts and give feedback, adding energy to meetings and increasing engagement. 

It is a fast and instant way for participants to react to your presentation and give praise to the presenter. Comments or emojis will immediately appear on the screen and disappear without having to do anything.

comments from audience screenshot

You can enable or disable this feature by pressing the configure button.

The feature does not currently support the profanity filter and he comments will not be saved and can not be exported. Learn more about how to use Comments from Audience here.

We have now introduced some new content slides that will give you more variety to display your content in creative ways whilst keeping the design on point.

Big Slide

If you have something that you want to accentuate and appear as a big word across the slide then this is the perfect slide type for you. Make an impact and grab the audience’s attention with this slide.

big slide feature

Quote slide

Ever wanted to highlight a particular quote that would fit perfectly into your presentation? Well, now you can! This slide is specifically designed so you can write your most inspiring quote and clearly show it to your audience.

quote slide feature

Number slide

Just reached a target milestone? Or want to show how many people attended an event? You can grab the audience’s attention by using the number slide that counts up until your number is displayed on the screen.

number slide feature

What’s coming up.. 

Rumour has it that we are soon releasing some improvements to the quiz that will make the player experience much smoother! If you find that you sometimes don’t see when new questions appear and get caught off guard - we have a solution! Before each quiz question, you will get an indication of what question number you are on out of the total number of quiz questions, e.g. Question 2 of 5. This way you’ll have more control and can manually decide when you want the next quiz question to begin. This, of course, will be possible to turn on or off as you wish.

Keep your eyes peeled for the pop-up messages in-app to let you know when the feature is available.

Log into your account to try out and explore the new features.

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