60 This or That Questions for Any Occasion

February 25, 2022
This or That

This or That questions can be just what you need to spark debate, generate some stimulating conversations, or kindle some serious reflection. So no matter if you are looking to warm up the crowd at your next conference or put some questions to your students, we have a comprehensive series of This or That questions that are perfect for every occasion.

Encouraging some debate and discussion among your audience, whether they happen to be a group of students or online colleagues, can be a great way to make your presentation a more engaging experience, to generate some audience input, and to grab hold of everyone’s attention. 

In saying that, we think that adding in a This or That question can suit pretty much every occasion - depending on what you ask of course. Polling a live audience can be tricky to do on occasions but we have you covered on that front too. It’s just a matter of typing your question and letting your audience vote with the smartphones.

  • Icebreakers
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Brainstorming & Workshops
  • School
  • University


Not just a great way to kick off any type of presentation, also the perfect way to kick off this list, Icebreakers are perfect for both presenter and audience as they can help everyone settle in, get down to business, and interact with one another. 

  1. Books or Films
  2. Beaches or Mountains 
  3. CAR-mel or CARE-uh-mel
  4. Cook or Takeout
  5. Country or City
  6. Call or Text
  7. Pineapple on pizza or Not
  8. iOS or Android
  9. Coffee or Tea
  10. Public transport or Cycling


Maybe you need a way to get to know your team a bit better, or maybe you just want to gauge the room to see what your opinion is. Regardless of the ultimate goal, This or That questions can be a nice quick way to gather some honest feedback from your team.

  1. Work from home or Office work
  2. Daily meetings or Weekly meeting 
  3. Flexi hours or Fixed hours
  4. Hot desk or Assigned desk
  5. Morning meetings or Afternoon meetings 
  6. Hard deadlines or Flexible assignments
  7. Zoom calls or Instant messages
  8. Mentimeter or PowerPoint
  9. Quarterly updates or Biweekly meetings
  10. Camera on or Camera off


Today it is quite possible that your conference could be fully remote, totally present in-person, or perhaps a little bit of both. Throwing out an interactive question can be a great way to both introduce yourself to the crowd as well as gather feedback from them and make them a part of the discussion. Likewise, many of these questions can be a quick way to survey your audience and to understand them a bit better. 

  1. Work from home or Office work
  2. Hot desk or Designated place 
  3. Remote work or Hybrid work 
  4. Full time or Part-time
  5. Manager or Subject expert
  6. Entry-level or Experienced
  7. Empty calendar or Back to back meetings 
  8. Introvert or Extrovert 
  9. Love or hate public speaking
  10. Natural presenter or Fearful public speaker

Brainstorming & Workshops

The goal of a good brainstorming session should be to generate a countless number of innovative and creative ideas. As a facilitator, it can be tough to encourage people to drum up ideas and solutions on the spot, but some exercises in creative thinking can help everyone in attendance get to brainstorming.

  1. Numerous projects or One large campaign
  2. Increase or Decrease expenditure
  3. Features or Use cases
  4. A/B testing or Growth
  5. New email flow or Adjust email campaign
  6. Focus on LinkedIn or Invest in Twitter
  7. Video or Written content
  8. Brand building or Content marketing
  9. Seasonal push or Rebranding campaign
  10. Outsource or In-house


Kids' attention spans tend to ebb and flow like a river. Sometimes they can work diligently for long stretches, then suddenly concentration dips and it can be near impossible to retain their focus. Adding in a This or That can be a sleek way to give students a short break from very detailed and intense lessons, but also stay on topic enough so you don’t miss a beat when you dive back into the complex stuff.

  1. Homework or Exams
  2. Math or History 
  3. iPad or Pen & Paper
  4. Bus or Walk
  5. Morning or Evening
  6. History or Geography
  7. Phys Ed or Lunch
  8. Summer Holidays or Winter Break
  9. Front of the class or Back of the class
  10. Science or Social Studies

If happen to be in search of even more inspiration, we have designed an easily downloadable This or That for Kids and included it here!

This or that

This or that


It can be good to learn more about your students, especially if your lecture hall is packed to the rafters. Adding in some more personal elements can help new students ease into the semester while also helping you to poll the room and see what the collective mindset seems to be. 

  1. Study in the Library or At home 
  2. Dissertation or Examination
  3. Lectures or Seminars
  4. Guest speakers or Q&As
  5. Internship or Projects
  6. Mentimeter or Google Slides
  7. Group projects or Individual work
  8. Written resources or Video aids
  9. In-person assignments or Online submissions
  10. More lectures or More study time

Make live polling easier

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