Liberating Layouts: Why Mentimeter is the presentation platform for time and design conscious leaders

February 01, 2021
Listen to be heard

If you have ever put together a presentation you’ve probably also spent hours fixating on slide composition, image relevance, size, adjacency, fonts, and colour schemes. When faced with a blank page and the need to create something from nothing, often we are confronted by a multitude of design decisions that take up huge amounts of time, cognitive effort, and so often result in something underwhelming. With Mentimeter we feel like we have struck the right balance between design constraints and freedom of customisation that means you save time and effort while creating a visually stunning and engaging presentation.

Here at Mentimeter we have configured our platform to minimise the number of design decisions you need to make in order to take your presentation from initial idea to finished set of slides. All the while giving you the freedom to make the presentation your own with customisable themes and your choice of text and images. In addition to these optimised design tools, Mentimeter also delivers the best real-time interactive features that take your presentation to the next level and facilitates a more dynamic and inclusive leader-audience relationship that makes for seamless transitions between listening and being heard. Put simply, Mentimeter lets you do more with less. Fewer design decisions to be made, greater functionality to make use of.

Easy to adjust design settings

For some presentation tools, creating a set of slides can be an endless challenge of shifting and resizing text boxes, choosing between an endless list of fonts, searching for the right spot for an image and trying not to stretch it one way or the other. Mentimeter lets you format on autopilot, you focus on the text and images and we’ll do the rest, automatically sizing your text to fit and offering you easy to adjust image placement options. We also have a small number of curated fonts for you to choose from, allowing you to spend your time thinking about the things that matter.

Project Brainstorming Session

Project Brainstorming Session

Image bank

When you’re designing your presentation you have an extensive bank of images at your fingertips. We have the freely usable image repository Unsplash embedded in our platform, so the perfect image is never more than a key-word search and a click away. Or, if .gifs are more your thing, we also have Giphy at your disposal too. And of course, sometimes you have something specific in mind, so you can always upload your own images to include in your slides.

Team Reflection

Team Reflection

Personalised themes

If a creative or expressive mood does take you and you do feel like customising the slides of your presentation, Mentimeter Pro can offer you extensive options to allow you to tinker and experiment to your heart’s content. Whether it’s selecting a unique background, curating a colour palette for live engagement visualisations, or including a logo on your slides. There are plenty of options for creating a theme for your presentation that showcases your style and personality.

That is why Mentimeter is the presentation platform right now for design and time conscious leaders. With our focus on maximising functionality and minimising the number of design decisions you have to make as a user, we ensure that you get a slick and professional-looking set of slides that will wow your audience in a timeframe that fits in with your busy schedule. Our design tools help to ensure a consistency of style for your brand, and make for a memorable experience for your audience (who will be wondering how you did it!).

That is the Mentimeter experience: Fewer design decisions. Maximum functionality.

If you're not already a Menti Leader, you can try it for yourself and get started with a free account. And if you are, maybe you're in need of some inspiration? Check out the templates.

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