Embracing the introvert revolution: the future of inclusive meetings

January 02, 2024
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It's that time of year again when we put the party hats or New Year’s headbands back on the shelf, pour ourselves a cup of tea, and celebrate in the most introverted way possible. That's right, January 2 is International Introverts Day!

Now, before you retreat to your comfy couch corners with your favorite book, let's take a moment to talk about something that tends to make us introverts squirm a little - meetings. We've all been there, haven't we? The awkward silences, the struggle to voice our thoughts amidst the chatter, and the constant dread of being put on the spot. In fact only 70% of introverts think meetings are effective, compared to 90% of extroverts.

A statistic showing that 90% of extroverts think meetings are effective while only 70% of introverts.

But hear us out because we've got some other intriguing insights to share from the State of Meetings report that will make you rethink your meeting game. It is possible to create an inclusive meeting environment that caters to all types. Are you ready?

The hidden power of introverts in meetings

In this extroverted world, meetings can often feel like a battleground for introverts. But here's an interesting fact: our State of Meetings report revealed that Generation Z has a higher percentage of introverts compared to other generations. And studies by Deloitte and McMaster University both support that conclusion: recent generations are becoming more likely to identify as shy and introverted.  That's right, the introvert revolution is here!

A statistic of what percentage of generations identify as introverts. 46% of gen Z, 19% of millennials, 32% of gen X, 36% of Baby boomers.

it's not just about numbers, though. Introverts bring a unique set of skills to the table—deep thinking, careful listening, and meticulous attention to detail. They are the quiet storm that powers innovation and thoughtful decision-making.

However, the State of Meetings report also highlighted a worrying trend: meetings are less effective for introverts compared to their extroverted counterparts. This begs the question: are we doing enough to leverage the power of introverts in our meetings?

Meeting the introvert way: inclusivity and engagement

Meetings are typically designed for extroverts. They thrive in group discussions, speak up without hesitation, and enjoy the spotlight. But while extroverts are tossing ideas around like a hot potato, introverts are quietly processing, analyzing, and formulating their thoughts.

This doesn't mean introverts are less engaged or productive. Quite the contrary! They simply prefer to engage differently. Rather than spontaneous brainstorming, they excel at thoughtful deliberation. Instead of verbal communication, introverts might lean more towards written formats. 

The key lies in creating inclusive meetings—a space where everyone, regardless of their personality type, feels heard and valued. And this is where Listening Leadership comes into play. It's a practice that values inclusivity and collaboration, ensuring that every voice matters.

Inclusive meetings with Mentimeter

But how do we turn this idea into reality? 

In all honesty and humility, Mentimeter is a great place to start. It’s a tool designed to boost interaction and engagement from all participants in meetings. With features like anonymous Q&As and live polls, it allows introverts to contribute without the pressure of speaking up. Plus, it keeps everyone engaged, reducing distractions like texting or checking social media.

Psychology Today points out that introverts are often overlooked in meetings due to their preference for listening over speaking. With Mentimeter, introverts can share their thoughts without the pressure of speaking up, while extroverts can engage in real-time discussions. It's a win-win!

But that's not all. Mentimeter also encourages active listening by visualizing everyone's contributions. This means no idea gets overlooked, and every voice (or click) counts.

It's clear that we need a shift in our meeting culture — one that values both the vocal energy of extroverts and the thoughtful silence of introverts. And with tools like Mentimeter, this shift is not just possible but incredibly easy.

Join the Introvert Revolution!

So, this Introverts Day, let's take a step towards more inclusive and engaging meetings. Give Mentimeter a try and experience the difference it can make. After all, every voice matters, and it's time we heard them all.

Let's turn the quiet into strength, one meeting at a time. Happy Introverts Day!

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