10 ways to use Mentimeter multiple choice questions

February 13, 2019/7 mins min read
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The multiple choice question is one of the most versatile question types available on Mentimeter.

The multiple-choice question is one of the most versatile question types available on Mentimeter. This type of question can be used to warm up your audience with some fun trivia, to test the knowledge of your audience, or to make learning more fun through interactivity, to name just a few.

Here are 10 ideas to give you inspiration for your next presentation:

Find out what type of leader you are:

Teach a class through interactivity:

Biology Quiz

Biology Quiz

Find out what people really think:

Sesión sobre comentarios

Sesión sobre comentarios

Break the ice before a presentation:

Find out how students felt a class went:

 Weekly Student Reflection Session

Weekly Student Reflection Session

See how your organization measures up in gender equality:

Find out who will be early, late or on time:

See how prepared for a test people feel:

Make complicated questions simpler:

Make your audience smile:

Multiple-choice questions can be used in even more ways than listed in this article, for help on creating your own multiple-choice questions check out this guide and start creating your own.

Multiple choice questions are just one of the many questions types that Mentimeter has to offer, check out our help articles and blog posts for even more inspiration to make your presentations more interactive.

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