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Mentimeter Academy: New Online Inclusive Teaching Course

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Thomas Dawson2022-11-29

The free course provides university-level educators with strategies to further a sense of belonging in the classroom through inclusive and strategies for engaging all students.

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We're very excited to announce the launch of our new, free online course Inclusive Teaching: Strategies for Engaging All Students. This new course is designed to arm university-level educators with strategies for furthering inclusivity and belonging in the classroom and to help teachers develop the necessary skills to create an engaged, positive, and safe learning environment for all students.

The course aims to break down barriers between educators and students, providing methods for students to engage on their own terms anonymously, turning once passive participants into real-time active contributors. According to a study, 72% of students felt more confident to participate through Mentimeter, with one student noting that Mentimeter enables the sharing of “thoughts and ideas of students who would otherwise be hesitant to answer or contribute in lectures.”

Course overview

The course consists of three chapters – sense of belonging, fighting biases, and transformative reflection. Sense of belonging covers the importance of acceptance, representation, and connection in the classroom. The second chapter uncovers implicit biases and how to transition away from any marginalization. Transformative reflection explores the importance of continuous feedback and self-awareness exercises. Each chapter covers the theoretical background of examples, approaches to incorporate, and self-awareness exercises to reflect on the process and learn from other participants.

Small changes, big impact

Mixing the course content with Mentimeter's anonymous engagement tools educators can empower students to speak up, leading to a more productive classroom that supports a culture of inclusivity. The Inclusive Teaching course builds on these foundational aspects by offering actionable strategies to facilitate constructive, safe, and inclusive conversations in the classroom.

“Implementing inclusive teaching strategies doesn’t require drastic, sudden changes,” said Silvia Yancheva, the course instructor. “Instead it asks for a commitment to hearing and seeing your students as they are, continuously and without judgment. This course will hopefully be a great resource for all instructors looking to enhance their practice and make meaningful changes to their classroom environment.”

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