How to use Mentimeter in a HyFlex model classroom

August 03, 2020

2020 has been and continues to be a challenging year for educators across the world. However, as it often does, innovation can be born from challenges, and during this year we have seen fantastically smart educators come up with ideas and solutions that prioritize students’ education.

Whilst times are still quite uncertain, one thing we can be quite certain about is that things have changed for good and we are entering into an era of new normal. Whilst this might be daunting, one thing we have learned during this period is that learning doesn’t have to take place in a physical classroom. In fact, learning can take place anywhere: at home, outside, with friends etc. Whilst this is no news for educators, the fact that the wider society is now coming together to realize this means that new opportunities are arising to make education more accessible and inclusive through the use of technology. 

One model that has started to gather more and more movement as a way to facilitate education in the future is the hybrid-flexible model, also known as HyFlex. In this article, we will explore what it is, and how Mentimeter can help to facilitate it.

What is the HyFlex model? 

Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) classrooms are designed to accommodate the simultaneous teaching of in-person students and online learners.  The concept originated to provide students with the flexibility to choose how they would attend classes depending upon their preference or particular need. This means that students who need to be in the classroom can be, and those who need to choose to or need to be at home or somewhere else can be too. This enables for a more inclusive learning environment because it no longer means that students need to miss out on important education because of their or their family’s need or choices. Whilst being more accommodating to students, this will also help educators to ensure that their plans are not interrupted by circumstances that out outside of their control. 

Brian Beatty in his book “Hybrid-Flexible Course Design” says that HyFlex abides by four principles:

  1. Learner choice
  2. Equivalency 
  3. Reusability 
  4. Accessibility 

How to use Mentimeter in the HyFlex classroom

A lot is expected from educators, and new rules, guidelines and expectations often put a lot more extra pressure on them. However, if you are looking to explore the HyFlex model and use it in your classroom, Mentimeter is a tool that can help you achieve this. 

With Mentimeter, regardless of where you students are, they can participate in the presentation and polls. If your students are all present at the same time but some are in the classroom and others are joining remotely, all you need to do is share the presentation link or code so that they can use their computer or smart device to connect and participate. You can then collect answers, input and opinions from all the students - not the ones who are only in the physical classroom. 

If students are able to participate in lessons at their own pace, you can change your Mentimeter presentation to “audience” pace which will mean that students can move through the presentation and interact within at their own pace. Giving everyone equal opportunities to participate. 

Finally, the great thing about having all your presentations in Mentimeter is that you can reuse them over time and you can look back at the input students have given before in order to help improve your materials. 

Ready to get started with Mentimeter? Get started with your free account today. For educators looking to upgrade to a basic or pro plan, we have special discounts that you can explore or our pricing page

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