Ask Mentimeter: what are your best presentation tips?

January 08, 2018

It’s no secret that the Mentimeter team loves presenting on stage as well as helping users to improve their own presentation skills. Therefore we want to share some of our best tips for presenting with Mentimeter that we hope will help you to impress your audience!

What are your best tips for presenting with Mentimeter?

To collect tips and ideas from the team, I created a slide with an open-ended question using Mentimeter and shared it with them! Here are some of the tips they shared:

Kick-off with an icebreaker

In our experience, it’s really important to make sure that your presentation starts of on the right note and gets your audience into the right mindset. We suggest that starting with an interactive icebreaker can really help to do this. Ask an easy question to get everyone engaged in your presentation from the start. You can use an icebreaker to generate some laughs, find out more about your audience or set the tone for your presentation.

Check out some of our icebreaker template articles for more inspiration:

Use Gifs to grab attention

Did you know that Mentimeter supports gifs? This means that you can add some bursts of fun to your presentations. Using gifs can be a unique way to enhance the visuals your presentations. As not many presenters use gifs, your audience will find your presentation fresh and engaging. An audience that is more engaged is more likely to really understand and appreciate your message.

omg reaction gif

Learn the Mentimeter shortcuts

We think that it is really important for Mentimeter presenters to know that there are a number of different keyboard shortcuts that you can use to make your presentation experience seamless and professional. Check out this handy help article that will guide you through the keyboard shortcuts.

Give your audience time to vote

It’s important that you give you audience time to connect to your Mentimeter presentation via with their smartphones, as well as giving them time to vote. Don’t get nervous if you don’t see votes coming in straight away, as this is usually a sign that your audience is taking the time to answer carefully. Keep in mind that it will take your audience a longer time to answer an open-ended, as compared to a multiple choice one.

Don’t read off your presentation

We think that creating the most engaging presentation experience as possible for your audience is the most vital thing you can do when you’re on stage. If you cram content onto your presentation slides you might be tempted to read directly from them, rather than presenting the content to your audience. By limiting the amount of text and images you have on your slides, you will enhance your audience’s experience.

Stop for questions

Remember to give your audience the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about your presentation. An ideal time to answer questions would be at the end of your presentation to avoid interruptions during the presentation.

Next steps: Start creating better presentations

There’s plenty more Mentimeter resources on our blog to help you create better presentations:

But the best way to start creating better presentations that are both exciting and engaging for your audience is to log into your Mentimeter account and start building your next presentation!

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