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5 tips for creating Multiple Choice Questions with Mentimeter

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Emma Cullen2019-05-13

The Multiple Choice question type is one of our most popular due to its versatility, meaning it can be used in many different situations. This article outlines five different tips that you will find useful when creating your next Multiple Choice questions with Mentimeter!

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1. Make sure that your question is clearly formulated

The best way to guarantee the most accurate answers on your multiple choice question is to start off with a well-formulated question. Ensure that your question is clear and easy to understand by keeping it short, precise, and by using simple language. Long and complicated questions may take more time to explain to your audience and there is a greater risk that your audience may not understand the question you’re asking.

2. Use open-ended questions to develop the answer

Sometimes, a multiple choice question might not give you all the information you need. By using an open-ended question to follow up your multiple choice question, you can add follow up questions that will help you to gather more in-depth data from your audience that can help spark discussion or take action. Use questions such as “Why did you choose that answer?” or “How did you come to that answer?” in order to prompt your audience into sharing more information.

3. Consider adding an “other” option

You might find that you can’t (or don’t want to) cover all possible options with a multiple choice question. If that is the case, then consider adding an “other” option which the audience can vote on if they do not see the option they want. This will capture all the "other" answers from your audience and ensure that the data isn’t inaccurate.

4. One or several options?

Do you want your audience to select one or several answers from the list? With Mentimeter you can decide on which setup you would prefer. If you have a question that requires one answer, such as “Which option do you prefer?”, then you want to limit the audience’s ability to vote on more than one option. However, if you have a question such as “Which days of the week do you go to the gym?” you will probably want to let your audience select one or more options.

5. Use Image Choice to enhance the learning experience

Use the Image Choice question to add images and gifs to multiple choice questions when using Mentimeter. Not only will adding images make your presentation look more interesting, but it can also help your audience visualize the answers better and improve the learning experience.

The Multiple Choice question type is just one of many that you can use! Explore these resources around the different question types to make your next presentation even more exciting and engaging.