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What you can do

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Exchange every great idea

  • Pose students questions and let them reflect before typing out their answers.
  • Boost participation levels thanks to anonymous smartphone voting.
  • Responses appear on screen as dynamic visuals for everyone in the room and online to see.


A launchpad for debate

  • Kickstart the debate with an icebreaker or use the answers that appear on the screen to start a discussion.
  • Use our Q&A feature to collect the best questions your students may have and let them upvote their favorites.
  • Share your presentation when things come to a close to keep the debate alive.

What our users say

"It's very helpful to make classes interactive and motivating!"
Sandra Elizabeth Cobián Pozos, High School Teacher, Universidad de Guadalajara, México.
Sandra Elizabeth Cobián Pozos
“Mentimeter helps to facilitate student-centered learning and create a fascinating environment for active learning."
Bamidele Victor Ayodele, Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Bamidele Victor Ayodele
"Easy to design different questions and lots of variety available. Students have enjoyed completing these and the interactive sense makes it fun."
Janine, Trainer and Assessor for Certificate III in Individual Support at The MaraWay
Janine Pantic
"Students love the interactive format."
Lari LaBello, CNA Admission Coordinator, Illinois Central College
Lari Labello

Seminar templates

Evaluate the Training Seminar

Evaluate the Training Seminar

Seminar Kickoff

Seminar Kickoff


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