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Help students take a more active role

  • Everyone can showcase their knowledge by voting on Polls and Word Clouds.
  • Don't wait for students to raise a hand by letting them vote or ask questions anonymously.
  • Let students give feedback on lectures to explain how they prefer to learn.

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Modernize every lecture

  • Make smartphones a part of every lecture by using them as a voting tool.
  • Collect and share results afterward so students have additional study material.
  • Update those old and trusty PowerPoint presentations for the best of both worlds.

What our users say

"Very quick, easy to use and students love it as they can see the results simultaneously. Very helpful tool to be used in sessions."
Shivali Bhatara, Associate Lecturer, Arden University
shivali Bhatara
"It's very helpful to make classes interactive and motivating!"
Sandra Elizabeth Cobián Pozos, High School Teacher, Universidad de Guadalajara, México.
Sandra Elizabeth Cobián Pozos
“Mentimeter helps to facilitate student-centered learning and create a fascinating environment for active learning."
Bamidele Victor Ayodele, Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Bamidele Victor Ayodele
"Easy to design different questions and lots of variety available. Students have enjoyed completing these and the interactive sense makes it fun."
Janine, Trainer and Assessor for Certificate III in Individual Support at The MaraWay
Janine Pantic
"Students love the interactive format."
Lari LaBello, CNA Admission Coordinator, Illinois Central College
Lari Labello

Lecture templates

Collect lecture feedback

Collect lecture feedback

Democracy Lecture

Democracy Lecture

English Literature Lecture

English Literature Lecture

Medical School Lecture

Medical School Lecture


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