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Creating an inclusive learning environment that empowers students logging in online and those taking notes in person.

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What is hybrid learning?

Hybrid learning (also known as blended learning) means students and educators can log in from wherever they choose. Learning and teaching are no longer confined to classrooms as online and in-person participation are combined into a new hybrid model.

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Hybrid can be enjoyable and engaging

  • Ensure that hybrid learning is a fun and inclusive experience for everyone in the classroom.
  • Use interactive questions to help improve student retention and engagement levels and give every student the chance to take part.
  • Give each student the confidence to pose questions and ask for help with anonymous responses and user-friendly Q&As.
  • Improve every student's learning experience, from school children to postgrads.

Hybrid learning

Perfect for hybrid, HyFlex, & blended learning

  • Run quizzes, set assignments, and conduct full lessons no matter your preferred teaching method.
  • Presentations are easy to share presentations and join, so there are fewer tech-related headaches for everyone.
  • Students can participate ad collaborate seamlessly, no matter where they log on.
  • Live polls will show responses live in real-time, meaning no awkward and silent waiting around.

Mentimeter Presentation Integrations

A seamless and smooth learning environment

  • Reduce log-in problems and technical dropouts with our Zoom integration.
  • Students and teachers alike can also use Microsoft Teams without needing to change tabs, windows, or software.
  • Upload old PowerPoint slides and documents, or use Menti with GoogleSlides so you can update your valuable notes and teaching material.

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Hybrid templates

We have a selection of specifically designed hybrid templates that are ready to download and use. From feedback surveys to full lectures and class quizzes we have you covered.

  • Run full quizzes to either test your students or gauge how well they were paying attention in class.
  • Gather feedback on how your class or lecture went and see what your students really think of your lesson plans.
  • Take a break from normal day-to-day and class-to-class activities by interacting with students on a personal level.

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