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Quizzes and tests don't need to be scary. With Mentimeter they can be fun, informative, and even entertaining.

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What you can do

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Encourage reflection

Let students highlight what difficulties they are having.

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Gauge understanding

See exactly what students do and don't comprehend

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Assess knowledge

Quiz your students in a fun and stress free way


Evaluate & give feedback

See answers and offer feedback live in real-time

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Covering every type of assessment

  • Run formative assessments during lessons and classes with the help of open-ended questions, scales, and more.
  • Create a fun multiple-choice pop quiz with leaderboards to spark some light-hearted competition.
  • Get creative with Pin-on Image or Guess the Number to create a unique test for students.

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Students retain more

  • Don't just check if students understand, ask them to explain what they may be struggling with or what they find toughest.
  • Exams and tests don't need to be stressful for either students or educators. They can be enjoyable.
  • More than just asking students questions, you now can gather their input so they feel more involved in the learning process.

What our users say

Redempter Mutinda
"I like the way it is easy to use and also the anonymous feature. Students can give evaluations anonymously."Redempter Mutinda, Adjunct Lecturer, Riara University Kenya
Karine Longman
"Excellent and engaging way to gather results and see how students feel and perform."Karine Longman, French Teacher, International School of Monaco

Assessment Templates

Biology Quiz

Biology Quiz

French Quiz

French Quiz

Formative Assessment for Physics

Formative Assessment for Physics

Knowledge Check

Knowledge Check


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