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We are pleased to announce our Mentimeter App for Microsoft Teams! It is now easier than ever to give everyone a voice in your next Teams meeting. Present your Mentimeter presentation directly from Teams and allow participants to vote straight from their Teams window. No switching tabs or additional devices needed.


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We are dedicated to making the Mentimote experience as perfect as possible. So we just released two additional Mentimote features! A Presentation Timer that will reduce your stress by allowing you to keep an eye on how long you have been presenting and Bullets indications that will let you keep a better track of your flow and plan. 

Try out the Mentimote in your next presentation if you haven’t already!

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Find out how Berlitz is levelling up language learning: Techniques for language learning have sometimes been slow to change and practitioners have often tended to stick rigidly to outdated methods. But the people at Berlitz know a thing or two about breaking the mould and trying new things when it comes to language learning. Here Stephanie Gibbs talks us through the importance of challenging pedagogical orthodoxies and the importance of engagement, particularly in remote or hybrid classrooms

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We’ve seen time and again that adding a little interactivity to the top of a presentation can ease tensions in the room or online. It helps to put folks in better moods to collaborate and tackle the real work of forging consensus and making big decisions together. That’s why we provide a collection of fun ice-breakers and thought starters within Mentimeter. You don’t want to just jump straight to making the big important decisions from the start.

Mentimeter not only improves participation but restores my professional efficacy. I feel like Mentimeter helps me better grasp of what the students are thinking. On top of that, I had so much fun playing with all the new ways I can engage the students!Mentimeter user
Emotiv results showing better engagement and lower boredom
Blog post of the month

The Mentimeter Effect: Quantifying Engagement with Emotiv EEG Technology

Setting out to demonstrate the importance of engagement with neuroscientific research meant collaborating with the experts at Emotiv. While they crunched the numbers we faced an agonizing wait to find out the results. But we were blown away by the extent to which using Mentimeter increases audience attention, engagement, and learning, while decreasing boredom.

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