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New edit pannel

What's new?

We recently released a new Sidebar design to all of our users! With this release the Mentimeter UI becomes more scalable and everything under the new “Design” tab becomes visually cleaner. We also introduced a new cool preview-state - try hovering over different visualization types under the Design tab in the Multiple Choice question type, for example. 

New Open Ended design

Rumour has it

We very recently introduced a new flow and design on our Open Ended question type! Have you seen it yet? With the new flow, all your answers are hidden from the get -go. This will make sure your voters are not influenced by each other’s responses and that everyone is given the chance to provide their full honest opinion. A count up with the number of submissions received will pop-up on your slide, so you can reveal the results whenever you believe it is best, just by simply pressing Enter on your keyboard or the prompt on the screen. 

Feedback example - product updates

Inspirational tip

Giving good feedback is a valuable skill and often takes practice to master. It is, however, not an impossibility, and by studying examples of following a few steps, anyone can become skilled at providing good constructive feedback. If you're looking for the best tools you can use to gather feedback then read more here.

different languages

Did you know?

If you have an international audience, it’s possible to make the voting experience even easier for your participants by changing the language of the voting instructions on your presentation and the voting view Once your audience has entered the code on most buttons and messages will be translated into your chosen language.

It has helped engage my students in class in a way they find fun and interesting. Seeing their own results in real time has also helped them see how the course content relates to them, and start conversations about the topics we're seeing in class.Mentimeter user
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9 Ways to Keep Students Engaged in 2023

As an educator, a primary goal is to keep your students engaged. This, however, can be challenging due to the sheer amount of distractions students face combined with the swath of material that must be covered. It can be tough to hone in on what exactly you can do to keep students engaged, motivated, and on course to meet both their own and your objectives. So let’s explore what you can do to promote student engagement.

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