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What's new?

We're excited to introduce a game-changing feature that will revolutionize the way you handle Open Ended questions in your classroom. Say goodbye to sifting through countless responses and say hello to AI Grouping!

When dealing with numerous responses on Open Ended questions, gaining a clear overview can be daunting. With AI Grouping, this process becomes a breeze.

As soon as you accumulate more than 10 responses in an Open Ended slide, you can group them. Click the "Press Space to group responses" button at the bottom of the screen or press Space. The responses will now be grouped into thematic clusters with relevant names and labels assigned. Picture effortlessly categorizing and comprehending your student’s feedback and simplifying data analysis. 

Switching between presenter and audience pace

Audience Pace surveys

We're all about ensuring your audience remains engaged, and there is more than one incredible way to achieve just that. Imagine allowing your audience to navigate your presentation at their own pace. That's precisely what Audience Pace offers! This option is ideal for surveys, where individualized experiences matter most. It’s important to note Quiz Competition questions and voting on Open Ended are meant to be presented live and cannot be set to Audience Pace. However, don't fret! You can always utilize the Multiple Choice question type as an excellent alternative.

Changing the Pace is Simple:

  • Open the "Settings" menu located in the top right corner of your Edit view.
  • Select the voting pace that best suits your presentation – Presenter Pace or Audience Pace.

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Inspirational tip

Try our Inclusive Teaching: Strategies for Engaging All Students course!

Inclusive teaching is a commitment to seeing yourself and your students the way they are. This begins with lowering barriers by fostering a sense of belonging. Along the way, we need to fight our own biases by inviting continuous feedback and frequent self-reflection.

Voting on Open Ended

Did you know?

You can also use Open Ended slides to hold brainstorming sessions with your audience! Participants can submit their answers normally, then they can vote on each other's submissions. To activate this feature, simply check "Enable voting on answers" within the "Content" tab and change the number of votes, if you wish. Once participants have submitted their responses, you can start the voting by pressing Enter or clicking the "Press Enter to start voting" button that will appear at the bottom of the slide.

“It is so easy to setup and to use. It adds a high level of engagement in my classes." Mentimeter user
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Mentimeter is Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

Mentimeter has become even more accessible and user-friendly! Now available on Microsoft AppSource, this integration opens up a world of possibilities, granting millions of Microsoft users across the globe seamless access to our best-in-class audience engagement tool.

With this collaboration, you can effortlessly incorporate Mentimeter into your PowerPoint and Teams presentations.

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