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What's new?

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Shared Presentations, a dynamic new feature designed to revolutionize collaboration within your Mentimeter team. With Shared Presentations, you can now effortlessly share your presentations with everyone in your workspace, fostering seamless teamwork and boosting productivity.

When you join a Mentimeter workspace, you gain immediate access to all the presentations shared within it. No longer will you need to be individually invited to each presentation, simply join the workspace and all presentations will be at your fingertips. Remember, any presentations created or moved to Shared Presentations from "My Presentations" will be accessible to all members of your workspace. To help you identify your fellow teammates, member avatars are conveniently displayed in the top right corner. So, let's embrace Shared Presentations and unlock the true potential of collaboration within teams!  

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Rumour has it

The rumours are true! Users will now have access to template modals with a fantastic selection of relevant templates! Education users will find educational templates, business users will discover business-oriented templates, and for all others, business templates will be the default option. You will be able to open the template modal from various in-app entry points, including the "Home" page, the "My Presentations" dashboard, and within edit view. We hope this update enhances your presentation creation experience, making it easier to find the perfect template for your needs.

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Inspirational tip

Try our Neuroscience-Based Learning course to learn new strategies for making your content stick!

Discover how to design brain-friendly training and lectures with the latest research in neuroscience. Ideal for those in education and development who seek long-term impact for their learning sessions.

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Did you know?

We have updated the instructions bar header with a more subtle design that adapts to the background shade of the presentation’s current theme colours. Toggle on “show instructions bar” in slide settings.

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