Hanukkah Quiz!

Get in the holiday spirit with this festive quiz! Have fun with family, friends, colleagues or students and create some friendly rivalry.

Hanukkah Quiz

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This template features a series of Mentimeter quiz questions and a custom leaderboard. Participants will compete against one another throughout this series of multiple choice and type the answer questions.

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Hanukkah Lights

Plenty of Hanukkah trivia!

How much do you know about Hanukkah? Test your knowledge on traditions, food, history and much more to find out if you really know about the Jewish holiday.

We have compiled a series of questions that will test to see what you really know about this famed celebration and what you need to brush up on.

Perfect to add into your winter quizzing schedule, our Hanukkah Quiz Template takes the hassle of coming up with your own questions and answers out of the equation. So download now and dive right in.


Test your student's or your family's knowledge

Hanukkah or Chanukah is a Jewish holiday that means “dedication” in Hebrew. It is an eight-day ‘festival of lights’ celebration held on the 25 Kislev of the Hebrew calendar. It is celebrated with the nightly lighting of the menorah, prayers and fried food among many other traditions.

The Hanukkah quiz is a great way to test your student’s or family's knowledge about the holiday in a fun and engaging way. The template can also be used at family events to create some friendly rivalry about some well-known and not so well-known facts.

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