French Quiz

Challenge your friends! Do they know enough to survive a week in France?

French Quiz

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French Trivia

We have plenty more French questions thought up by our in-house francophones. Time to get ready to conjugate those verbs, make those agreements match, and translate those all important phrases.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is a synonym for Penser - To think ?

  • Attendre
  • Admettre
  • Envisager

2. Which of these is an irregular verb?

  • Goûter
  • Voir
  • Prêter 

3. Which of the following is grammatically correct?

  • Cette femme est belle
  • Le homme est grands
  • Je suis fatigue

4. How would you translate, ‘I’m hungry’?

  • J’ai soif
  • J’ai mal à l'estomac
  • J’ai faim

5. What does ‘Avant’ mean?

  • After 
  • Before
  • During

6. How would I tell someone to ‘Go straight ahead’?

  • Allez tout droit
  • Tournez à droite
  • Arretez et revenir

7. Which of the following is an example of the Imparfait?

  • Il pensait
  • Vous viendrez
  • Ils achèteraient

8. What is the correct plural form of un joujou (a toy)?

  • Des joujous
  • Des joujoux

9. True of False: Qui aimez-vous? Is grammatically correct.

  • True
  • False

10. The verb Gagner means to win but also to...?

  • Deserve
  • Achieve
  • Earn

Extra Questions

11. How would you ask someone if they speak French (formal voice)?

12. How would you translate ‘The best’?

13. What is the name of the tense we use to talk about uncertainty, unreality, feelings and possibilities?

14. Which tense is further in the past, the Passé Composé or the Pluperfect

15. Conjugate Se laver in the third person masculine plural in the present tense.

16. True or False: On is a subject pronoun.

17. À tout à l'heure! Translates to what?

18. In everyday spoken French, which of the following words often gets left out? Je ne sais pas.

19. Which is the correct way of saying ‘I was born’: Je suis né / J’ai né?

20. What does À mon avis mean?


1. Envisager

2. Voir

3. Cette femme est belle

4. J’ai faim

5. Before

6. Allez tout droit

7. Il pensait

8. Des joujoux

9. True

10. To earn

11. Parlez-vous français?

12. Le meilleur / La meilleure

13. Le subjonctif / The subjunctive 

14. Pluperfect

15. Ils se lavent 

16. True

17. See you later

18. ne

19. Je suis né

20. In my opinion

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