Food & Drink Quiz

Spice up any event with this quiz - it has a mix of food and beverage related questions!

Food & Drink Quiz

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Food and Drink 2

Sure to cut the mustard

Have a hankering for something Italian, or would something with a bit more spice whet your appetite? Well no matter if you order your martini stirred and not shaken (Bond would be horrified), prefer a macchiato to a cappuccino or order your steaks well done, there is sure to be some questions for you!

Food & Drink Quiz Questions

  1. What does IPA stand for? Indian Pale Ale
  2. What are the 2 main ingredients in a meringue? Egg Whites & Sugar
  3. Baklava comes from what former empire? Ottoman
  4. What type of beer is Guinness? Stout
  5. What famous TV chef is noted for his use of swear words? Gordon Ramsay
  6. What Italian city does cacio e pepe come from? Rome
  7. What meat is used to make a cottage pie? Beef
  8. A Manhattan contains sweet vermouth, bitters and what? Whiskey
  9. Who famously said ‘Let them eat cake’? Marie Antoinette
  10. What country is the largest exporter of bananas in the world? Ecuador

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