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Francis, from The African Professionals Network in Sweden talks to Mentimeter about the benefits of using Mentimeter in his organization and what it does for his meetings. The platform allows everyone’s voice to be heard and give people the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas.

Video Transcript

Every time I step on stage, I start off usually by giving my inputs or thoughts around a particular topic.

I am more or less the person that is at the point of focus. But it is so evident that when the shift happens, where we move from me being a presenter to actually being a facilitator or an enabler in the space and giving people the chance to actually say what they think.

The entire feeling in the room switches and that’s what Mentimeter does so well, by ensuring that no voice at any point in the room is left unheard.

To quickly introduce myself, my name is Francis originally from Ghana. Currently living in Sweden. I work with an organization called the African Professionals Network and I work with Mentimeter as an Account Executive.

African Professionals Network, in a very simple way, is a driver for professional development for every Afro-Swede that’s out there.

We have a number of events, these events, of course, come with mostly a core focus around a topic for discussion but post that we usually keep it light and stay within the focus of trying to understand the individuals who are in that space in a very humane way.

I personally work as part of the core working group that is driving this organization forward. Before we get into any of these events, we have preparation spaces where we discuss what the actual content is supposed to be. We put it down into a Mentimeter, and by using Mentimeter we focus a lot on presenting, but also at the end of the day providing forums that people can ask the relevant questions exert their thoughts or inputs. And that’s why personally I know the impact of Mentimeter.

You sitting there and watching this interview of me talking about how I have used Mentimeter is absolutely great, but imagine if you were in a room with a lot of people and each and every one of them want to be listened to everyone’s voice is projected for everyone to be able to see, that yes your opinion matters, your thought matters, and we will continue to do that because as an organization or as a platform there is nothing else that we deem more powerful than the voice.

Was that like a take one?



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